Friday, March 30, 2007

Today in the NEWS

Seriously, here we go folks, this is no joke...
1) Guns:

A Gretna police officer accidentally shot himself in the chest Thursday afternoon, and remains in intensive care at West Jefferson Medical Center after losing a massive amount of blood.


New Orleans police officials have reassigned a high-ranking veteran and launched an investigation into several other officers in connection with payroll issues regarding off-duty details, a department spokesman said.

3) Bar Fights and Immigrant Abuse:

Further details emerged Thursday about the firing of two New Orleans police officers, one who hit a man in handcuffs and another involved in a bar fight, and the suspension of a supervisor who allegedly interfered with an internal investigation into the bar fight.

4) Robbing hookers:

A former New Orleans police officer pleaded guilty in federal court Wednesday to conspiring with three other men to rob a French Quarter massage parlor.

5) AND...Praise:

When the New Orleans Police Department handed out awards to its rank and file Wednesday, the winners included one officer since transferred to an unwanted position and two others currently accused of murder and attempted murder in the Danziger bridge police shootings case.

There has to be a direct correlation between these sorts of shenanigans and the decline of Western Civilization, right?

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