Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Couldn't tell ya.
Anyone's guess.

December 29, 2008 at 7:35 pm, the victim was notified by a
witness that three unknown suspects were breaking into his residence.
The victim arrived and confronted the suspects. One of the suspects
was armed and began to fire several shots at the victim, hitting the
victim's vehicle several times but missing him. The suspects then
fled the area.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Two Step

1) On Saturday, December 27, 2008 at about 7:50pm the victim was walking in the 2900 block of Royal St., and was punched in the head from behind. Two [subjects] were standing and the third subject was seated on one of two bicycles. The victim informed the subjects that he did not have any money, at which time; the second subject retrieved a large chunk of cement from the ground. He threatened to strike him if he did not give them his money. The victim relinquished his M3P player to the subjects.

2) On Saturday, December 27, 2008 at about 8:00pm, the victim was walking in the 2700 block of Royal St., when he and saw the wanted subjects approaching him riding bicycles. As they arrived he saw the first subject holding a dark colored handgun. He demanded the victim’s money. The victim saw a vehicle coming towards him on Royal Street. He entered the street and signaled for the vehicle to stop and assist him. The three subjects continued riding their bicycles west on Royal Street then unknown.

Looks like those boys got a head start on their New Year's resolutions. Biking is a great way to get in to shape, and with an mp3 player to keep you in rhythm it doesn't have to be boring!

3) A man was shot in the ankle this morning in Central City. New Orleans police responded about 9:15 a.m. to reports of shots fired on Seventh Street at the corner of Danneel Street.

4) A 22-year-old man who police suspect tried to rob, then tried to rape a woman in a Carrollton alley on Christmas Eve was placed behind bars Saturday. Malcolm C. Perry approached a woman walking near the corner of South Claiborne and South Carrollton avenues from behind. The woman later told police a man pressed a hard object, "possibly a handgun," against her and forced her into a nearby alley.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Late as Usual

1) On Thursday, December 25, 2008 at around 6:05 A.M., the victim and his
girlfriend became involved in an argument at a home in the 6200 block
of Wainwright Street. During this argument, the victim's girlfriend
stabbed the victim in the chest with a kitchen knife.

2) A group of gunmen in the 3700 block of Annunciation Street shot a 3-year-old boy in the arm and chest Christmas evening, according to the New Orleans Police Department. Toddler was riding in a car with his grandmother. About 8:47 p.m., boy's grandmother passed an apartment complex and tried to back the car up. Suddenly, at least one gunman in a group of five to 10 young men in the area shot at the car. Gunfire hit the boy in the arm and grazed his chest.

3) Also, early today, someone shot a 25-year-old man inside his eastern New Orleans apartment [...] about 1:20 a.m. this morning in the 6700 block of Tara Lane in eastern New Orleans. Once he returned to his apartment for the night, the 25-year-old victim noticed it had been broken into. Suddenly, a man ran out, firing a pistol. The victim was shot seven times. He was taken to University Hospital, where he was listed in critical condition.

Happy Boxing Day. Pinter died. He said this:

"I ought not to speak about the dead because the dead are all over the place."

And was probably right.


Friday, December 26, 2008


Just like a middle distance runner saves that last blast for the final lap, the NO works overtime at years end to bring up its violent crime numbers. It's not like us to sit around all day and wait for murder to happen. No, we got to go out and make it happen if we want it.

1)The New Orleans Police Department is seeking a man with a newly acquired tattoo who may have information about a double homicide that occurred at an Algiers tattoo parlor Monday night The man, described as 5 feet, 8 inches to 5 feet, 10 inches tall, has a tattoo or partial tattoo of the name "Ashley" on the side of his neck, police said, and may know who killed Joshua "O.G. Paco" Simmons, 29, of Kenner, and Terry Plaisance, 25, of Marrer

2)On Monday, December 22, 2008 at about 9:21 pm the victim was sitting
in his vehicle in the 1500 block of Louisa Street when, the wanted
subjects fired several gunshots into him and then fled the scene. The
victim was transported to the hospital.

Not OP:

1) Kalvin Ferrygood, 19, was arrested Thursday after deputies discovered him in Convent holed up in the trailer of his mother's boyfriend. Ferrygood will be charged with five counts of attempted first-degree murder. People had gathered outside the The Neighborhood Bar in the 2100 block of West Main Street, during the annual Christmas bonfires when a fight broke out. Shots were fired around 1:45 a.m.

Not LA:

2) From the Los Angeles Times: A distraught man dressed as Santa Claus opened fire at a Christmas Eve party and then set the house ablaze, killing at least eight people. Several hours later, the shooter killed himself. Bruce Jeffrey Pardo, 45, who had recently been divorced and is believed to have lost his job, knocked on the front door of a home owned by the parents of his ex-wife in Covina around 11:30 Wednesday night.

"Listen, clever is good once every 4 or 5 posts, but there are real issues here."
- 0

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our Boy

Keeping this list ain't good on nobody, following it in your daily blogroll ain't doing your sense of self any better.

"here's the post. didnt really feel comfortable editing any of these out. even for new orleans, holy fuck" - 1

1) Shooting in Algiers Monday night left two people dead and a 27-year-old in critical condition. Shooting took place at Spice Barber Shop in first block of Westbank Expressway at about 9 p.m. EMS pronounced two people dead on scene Monday night and took 27-year-old man to University Hospital.

2) 21-year-old man shot multiple times Monday night in 1400 block of Louisa Street.

3) Friday, December 5, 2008 at 8:12pm, First District Police Officers
responded to shooting in 1900 block of Kerlerec Street. Officer observed black female, laying on ground next to rear steps of house in 1400 block of N. Prieur Street suffering from a gun shot wound to the head and other parts of the body. The second victim, black male, was observed to have multiple gun shot wounds to his body.

4) Sunday, December 21, 2008, at about 3:26 pm victim was in his
vehicle at intersection of Forstall and Marais St when an unknown
black male wearing black motorcycle helmet approached his vehicle
from behind and fired one shot into driver's side of vehicle.
Victim suffered from graze wound to left side of his

5) Wednesday, December 17, 2008, at about 8:55pm victim was
walking in 3700 block of Metropolitan St., when two black males
inside Nissan Maxima, black in color began firing gun at him.
Victim gave no further information.

6) 25-year-old woman has slipped into a coma after she was stabbed as many as 10 times during violent domestic incident Friday in the 7th Ward. Anthony Davis stabbed the woman nine or 10 times in the upper torso after a shouting match in the 1700 block of North Roman Street turned physical about 10:30 a.m. Friday.

We got nothin to say. It's bad out there.

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Saturday, December 20, 2008


1) A man is in the Jefferson Parish Jail tonight on attempted murder charges after a convenience store surveillance camera captured him randomly firing at the store clerk Friday afternoon. Danny Ray Tollett, 46, walked into a convenience store at 1200 West Bank Expressway. Wearing a dark blue T-shirt with the words "sick of it all," emblazoned on the front, Tollet waited in line.

2) An argument over a woman in Slidell turned violent early Friday morning as four men scuffled in and around a Waffle House in a brawl that continued even after one of them was shot in the leg. Jose A. Romero, 22, fired one shot, which went through Navarre's right thigh.

3) Metairie resident Harry Smith, 36, was shot in the head and left to die in a Burger King parking lot in Harvey this morning. A deputy on patrol found Smith at about 2:30 a.m. in the 3600 block of Lapalco Boulevard. The sheriff's office would not release the name of the restaurant, but early reports indicate it was a Burger King.Counselor.

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Before The Jump

We're busy over here. 1's gonna take it home for the new year:

1) Shooting death of a Sarah T. Reed High School student Wedenesday night in eastern New Orleans. Brian Urby, 17, was shot in the chest while standing under a tree in the 7100 block of Bunker Hill Road about 5:30 p.m. Several people were apparently gathered at the home, hanging out.

2) On Sunday December 14, 2008 at about 1:20 a.m., victim was in the
2200 of N. Derbigny attempting to get into his vehicle. Victim
and the arrested began to argue; arrested produced
a handgun and began to shoot at victim. Victim also observed
two other subjects at the intersection of Marginy an
d N. Derbigny
shooting at him.

It is illegal to boil live lobsters in the UK. Here, there are some laws, too. We're at '175' as of 10 o'clock pm Thursday. Which sounds wrong. In fact counting back only from the last time this blog reported an NOPD count it appears, conservatively, that the count should stand somewhere around 184 (Orleans Parrish only). And that's where it stands if you starting counting mid-November. We don't have time to comb through an entire years worth of posts, but it's our suspicion that maybe, possibly, the count might actually be even higher. And then there's the East again.

Also, justice:

Clinton "South" Rodriguez, 30, has pleaded guilty in federal court to dealing heroin in New Orleans, including the dose that killed a 16-year-old Lusher High School student almost one year ago. Maddy Prevost overdosed on heroin in January. Rodriguez was selling heroin for $100 a gram out of a home at 3511 Broadway Street.

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We remember that overdose case, it was all the talk at the crawfish boil last year.

Monday, December 15, 2008

New Years Resolution

Two things we need to cut back on in the NO. Club shootings, and site specific art installations.

Reported as being in the Warehouse District, we all know this club is in the Quarter. But, shhh...ok? Cuz we don't need that kind of press about the Quarter.
1)A man died and a woman was sent to the hospital during the aftermath of a shooting that occurred around 2:20 a.m. at Club Dream, 309 Decatur St.The man, who New Orleans EMS paramedics pronounced dead inside Warehouse District nightclub, appeared to be 20 years old
2)A young man was shot in the leg midday while standing near the intersection of Kerlerec and North Roman streets.
Time Delay
3) Three found dead in Pauger Street home. Neighbors hear shots Thursday, bodies discovered Saturday.

Other interesting deatils provide:
The victims were all adult males, though one of them was wearing women's clothes. There were no signs of forced entry. Riley called the triple murder an "unfortunate situation" and said that statistics show crime rates have been down lately in the city.
Thanks, T-P.
posted by: Jack Frost

Statistics for site specific art installations not readily available.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Hell Doth...

1) Shots rang out shortly after 3 p.m. near Eagle and Plum streets. One man was shot in the leg and another man was shot in the arm.

2) Even though 75 to 80 people were inside a Kenner lounge when a man was shot to death, no one has come forward with a name or description of the shooter.

3) Obvious:
New Orleans Police are trying to figure out who shot a man who showed up Thursday evening at University Hospital with a gunshot wound to the abdomen. Investigators only were able to learn that the man, who appears to be in his 20s, was shot shortly before 5:30 p.m. in the 1800 block of O'Reilly Street in the 7th Ward.

s N.O. w!

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

He's Back.

Our boy, cutting his chops. No matter how enigmatic it seems to be.

N.O. Knowledge

1) A man was shot multiple times near the corner of Jackson Avenue and South Prieur Street this [Tuesday] morning. The victim, about 18 years old, was taken to the trauma center at 11:10 a.m. to University Hospital in critical condition.
More rumors... big'uns:

2) From the second district email blast: "I've received several recent emails inquiring about the murdered Tulane Student and her missing roomate. The Second District, Homicide
Division, and Tulane Campus Police have NO knowledge of any such
. No homicide and no report of a missing person. This
appears to be another example of an email that took on a life of its

Fair enough. Don't know nothin, can't do nothin. To Boot, our uptown source has received no such email, nor have her peers. Still, we wonder why anyone would start a rumor like this one... we wonder why anyone would start a fire...

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From us...
3) A 33-year-old man was shot in the stomach Wednesday evening shortly before 6:30 p.m. in the 3300 block of Cleveland Avenue. The man was shot in the abdomen and his condition was not available. He was shot inside a two-story walk-up on the crowded street in the residential neighborhood.
For you out there that like a little closure:
Seriously though, who hasn't thought about this one...

A New Orleans jury on Wednesday convicted Gregory Truvia of killing his mother last year just hours after she arrived from Texas at his FEMA trailer, rejecting the defense argument that he was insane at the time of the murder

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Posted By 1:

1) Jefferson Parish sheriff's deputies are investigating a Sunday evening shooting death in Harvey. About 7 p.m. found an unidentified man, believed to be from Harvey, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds outside 1152 Tallow Tree Lane. The victim was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at University Hospital. Witnesses said they saw three unidentified men running from the scene immediately after the shooting.

Grown Folks...
2) Kenner police are investigating the death of a man who was shot early Sunday during a fight inside a bar. At 3:16 a.m. after a fight at Club Grown Folks at 731 1/2 Clay St. found the body of James Matthews, 23. Matthews had been shot once in his torso and was dead at the scene. There were about 75 patrons inside the bar at the time of the fight and police are questioning them to determine if Matthews was involved in the fight and was the intended target.

And then, yesterday it thickens…the plot anyway.

Fire engulfed a Kenner bar early this morning, the day after a man was shot to death there during a fight. A patrol officer saw smoke at Club Grown Folks at 731 1/2 Clay St. and found that the back of the lounge was on fire about 1:48 a.m. When the Fire Department arrived, the building was "fully engulfed in flames." From the street, damage to the lounge appeared minimal. But from the rear, it was clear that fire had destroyed the back of the building's first and second stories. A Jefferson Parish arson investigator was at the scene later. Police Chief Steve Caraway said: "I can tell you that that club has been the constant source of problems for law enforcement," Caraway said. "When they're open for business we're constantly responding to calls about fights."

We shall say nothing, for we know not of fire, nor of patrol officers. We wonder what evidence needed destroying a day later that nobody had thought to look for. Such mysteries cause our neck muscles to tighten.
4) A man was found shot to death Monday night in a parking lot of the Iberville public housing complex near the residences of the 1400 block of Conti Street. The man was found lying face-down near a dumpster. A baseball cap lay on the concrete next to his body.

So many murders in bars outside O.P.... And a baseball cap.


And from us...


1) Rapper Weeby and Lil' Boosie involved in a shooting during the Bayou Classic out front of Rick's Cabaret? We got to ask about that the next time we're in there.
2) Royal and Kerlerec: The scene of a shooting last year, a girl reports being mugged by a gang of ten-year-olds for her bike. When she resists, they shoot her repeatedly, with a BB Gun.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


What is right. Our protege's taking some liberties:


A teenage couple was shot Friday night while the pair was apparently enjoying each other's company in the backyard of what appears to be the home of the boyfriend's parents, police said. The girl, 18, was shot in the head. The boy, 16, was hit by bullets in the right shoulder and left arm, Valencia said. A bullet also grazed his right ear, Valencia said. Both were taken to a New Orleans hospital. She was in surgery late Friday and his condition was described as stable. [...] Police so far have no explanation for the attack.

It might have been a great night. Nah, though.

Chances are strong we'll find out the kid made a beef earlier and then this happened. Chances are his girl knew about it, but she was still there so...

At least until we hear more, we'll think of this as a genuine tragedy. Couple of kids caught up in nothing but the world. We'll think that till someone tells us it really ain't nothin but a shame.

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Friday, December 5, 2008

The Parish

We can't help but guess that there is some blatant ageism related to this story. Why the young man got to always be in the wrong?

1) Two men were fatally shot Thursday evening at a St. Bernard Parish bar.
A 41-year-old man was pronounced dead at the scene. The second victim, 51, was transported in critical condition to a New Orleans hospital, where he later died.
The shooting victims were at the bar when two young men came into the lounge. Ultimately, all four men went outside. Once outside, one of the young men started shooting. The two victims ran back into the bar, where they collapsed

Any way, it's cold. It's Friday. It's a low point in the economy. NOMB is thinking about buying a house. Somewhere with a large fence.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Lots to do so let's get started:

1) Nov 24th, Franklin Ave & Mexico St. Man found in his car slumped over the wheel with single gunshot wound to the head. Listed in critical.
2)5800 block of West Deer Park:Early Wednesday, Osborne "Ronnie" Surtain, 38, shot his longtime girlfriend, Jacquekeia Muse as their 8-year-old child watched, before dashing outside their eastern New Orleans home and shooting himself once in the head. He died in the hospital. She is in critical.


Ok, pop quiz New Orleans. Which one of the following posters is delusional:
a)1900 North tonti is a terrible neighborhood, just like Hollygrove, 9th Ward, Treme, NO East, Central City, Gert Town, St. Roch
b)So what? I live in a "terrible" neighborhood, that doesn't mean I expect some guy to come into my backyard when I'm playing with my dog. Christ. Its like people believe because you have a shitty house you are asking to get knocked out.
c)was gonna ask about that. i guess the point is that he was in his own back yard and not walking around the neighborhood.
d)If I stay in the quarter I'm protected
e)Bienville 900blk. Victim and friend leave club on Bourbon. Forgot what street they parked on, heard a shot, then a burning sensation, realized leg was bleeding.

From 1:

And you took up for me

Early winter is an uncanny time in New Orleans. No rain and embarrassed cold. There is nothing to do but own many garments. Today was aftermath for two mothers, in air we felt unfairly warm and sweet.

1) One day after her 21-year-old son was shot dead in the street in the middle of the afternoon, an angry mother allegedly grabbed a friend with a gun and went to the home of a man she believed knew more than he let on. […] on Nov. 20 at 8 p.m., Hills and an associate -- 36-year-old Robert Monroe -- allegedly broke into a home in the 1800 block of Washington Avenue, brandished a gun and demanded: Who killed Julius ?
"It's weird, you know, it seems he is in a better place, at peace, " his cousin said. "But he ain't resting yet."

Wednesday, December 3, 2008



1) 9:47 p.m. Tuesday, NOPD found a man lying face down dead in in the 2900 block of Gen. Taylor Street. The man had been shot several times in the chest. EMS medics pronounced him dead at the scene

For anyone who says this stuff only happens to people out on the streets late at night, or "walking in bad neighborhoods they shouldn't be in in the first place" etc, etc...NOMB presents this little narrative courtesy of the New Orleans Police District 5.

December 1, 2008 at or about 8:30am the victim he was in
his back yard in the 1900 block of N. Tonti St., when his dog started
barking. The victim stated when he looked up he observed an unknown
black male that appear from around the corner behind the rear of his
residence. The unknown subject then raised his shirt to display black handgun. The subject then told the victim “What’s
The victim stated he then backed onto his porch where the subject
rushed him and a physical altercation ensued. The victim stated that
he was knocked unconscious and when he came around it was about
1:00pm. The victim stated that he discovered his residence had been

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Orleans Battery Blog

If you're wondering why we post this stuff, or maybe why we don't post more of it, it's because, more than murder, this is the kinda crap that makes it hard to live in the NO.

1)On Thursday, November 27, 2008, 5:00pm, 1800
block of Marigny, victim was confronted by the wanted subject who
accused him of stealing drugs from him. An argument ensued and the
wanted subject beat the victim about his head and face with a handgun.

2)Wednesday, November 26, 2008, 11:57pm, victim was walking in
the 3000 block of St. Claude St. when a subject known to him as Ruben
stabbed him in the stomach.

3)November 28, 2008 8:50pm, the vicitm was in the
1600 block of Mazant when a late model two toned gray color SUV drove
by with the passenger window rolled down. The passenger began
shooting and the victim sustained a gunshot wound to the foot
4)December 1, 2008 at about 2:45am, the victim was at the
intersection on Elysian Fields and Benefit in his vehicle at the red
light. A silver four(4) door vehicle occupied by several unknown
black males pulled alongside of him. The subjects started shooting
towards his vehicle, then fleeing the scene. The victim sustained a
gunshot wound to the left thigh.

Is it just us or does #2 sound like its leaving something important out.

Monday, December 1, 2008


1) 7:30 p.m. on the corner of Annunciation and Josephine streets.
2) 2300 block of Cambronne Street in Carrollton

Sunday, November 30, 2008

From Porch

From the comments on Trends
2) Marinello is Gonna Face The Music?
3) At least we don't have this to worry about: Shopper Murdered By Crowd of Desperate Bargain Hunters

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday

This one is almost too easy:

Three men were shot near the intersection of Chef Menteur Highway and Michoud Boulevard in eastern New Orleans early Friday morning around 3:10 a.m. Two of the men suffered multiple gunshot wounds to their bodies in the shooting. The third man was shot once in the hand. A bullet also grazed his head.

We can hear the critics.
"Well," they will say. "What are they doing out at that time of night anyway. Everyone knows nothing good happens after midnight."
"Bargains," we will say. "Bargains!"
"But the East," they will come back with. "The East is a wasteland."
We will then spend the rest of this gray afternoon lecturing them on their narrow interpretations of consumption, admonish them for being so closed minded about shopping.

Happy Saturday New Orleans.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


It seems like yesterday we reported the first homicide of the year in Kenner. This probably brings it up to around 5 or 6, but its the second this week. We think.

Kenner police responded to a call just before midnight about a shooting victim in the 700 block of Minor Street. Upon arriving at the scene, officers found a man lying on the ground unconscious, with a gunshot wound in his leg. After he was shot, the victim walked to a nearby residence to ask for help

And to add to it...

Seems a young girl was shot in the leg by her nefarious "friend" while sitting in the back seat of a car. .45 caliber pistol is a must have on any date in or around the NO.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Throw Backs

We could ramble on about the recently released study finding New Orleans #1 in violent crime, but why bother?

Remember when burning people up was, like, the biggest thing to do down in the 9th?
1)The unidentified body of a man was found in a truck that had been set afire and left in a grassy area off Hayne Boulevard a few blocks west of the Industrial Canal.
2) Brass Knuckles?
A Gretna man accused of punching another man with brass knuckles during a disagreement has been booked with murder after the victim died Friday. Edwin May, 28, of 630 Third St., was booked with first-degree murder and armed robbery in connection with the death of Alan Fricker, 51, of Gretna
3)A woman has been booked with second-degree murder after authorities in St. Bernard Parish said she shot her boyfriend three times Monday morning as he slept.

And while the NO garners the coveted "Top Dog," spot for violent crime for a second straight year, our other natural resource is making waves in Washington. (No not jazz or fired catfish)

Desiree Rogers, a former New Orleans Zulu queen and daughter of a former city councilman, was named incoming White House social secretary on Monday by President-elect Barrack Obama

That's right, now we get to confirm a second truth on the national stage. NO knows how to party!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


1)A man found fatally shot in a Kenner apartment complex's parking lot Friday night has been identified as Julio Santos, 26. Santos died of a single gunshot wound to the head in the parking lot of 1724 Newport Place sometime before 6:30 p.m.

2)A man was shot in the face Saturday night in the 7th Ward, New Orleans police said. The shooting occurred shortly before 9 p.m. at the corner of Hope Street and George Nick Connor Drive, near St. Augustine High School.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

One from Us. One from 1.

1) A man was shot today at about 1:45 p.m. near the intersection of Dryades and Third streets in Central City. [...] An update on the man's condition was not immediately available.
2) More than 500 moldering criminal cases dating back to 2006 were refused by the Orleans Parish district attorney's office this fall, with prosecutors citing the same reason for dropping all of them: Police never gave them a report. Almost half of the refused cases were for drug possession, but they also included more serious crimes, including battery, theft, drug dealing and an attempted murder, according to a list of the cases assembled by the watchdog Metropolitan Crime Commission. The cases were refused between Aug. 1 and Nov. 14.


Stick with us for more on 2.

Posted by: 1


Read the report:
Neighbors found the body of the a shooting victim about 8:40 p.m., shortly after police had left the scene after investigating a 5:30 p.m. shooting at the West Carrollton intersection. Police say they are treating the two shootings at the intersection of Hollygrove and Green streets as separate incidents. But residents said they discovered the shooting victim's body after police left the scene and a neighbor cleaning her porch reported seeing someone fleeing the shooting. When they investigated, they found the man on the side of a house, about two doors down from the intersection.

And our translation:

There's a shooting on Hollygrove and Green. Cops show up and find a wounded man. A few hours later, the neighbors find the body of another man, in the same area, and cal it in. Cops do not consider the shootings related.

From the 9th Ward Archives:
Last Thursday:
4100 block of Dauphine St. aggravated battery by stabbing. The victim had just arrived home from work when the wanted subject began arguing with him. The wanted subject pulled the victim by the shirt causing him to fall to the ground. Once on the ground the wanted subject stabbed the victim in the right eye with a pair of scissors

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

8th Ward

A 21-year-old man was shot to death Monday night outside his home in the 8th Ward in the 2400 Blk of N. Villere. A man and woman standing nearby were wounded and were in surgery late Monday night

Another potential assistant editor, maybe?

Hit and Run
Sunday nights we try to go to bed early so that on Monday morning we can hit the ground running. Truth be told, most mornings we wake up feeling like we got hit by a truck.
This guy too.

A Carrollton man was found dead about 5 a.m. in the 7700 block of Colapissa Street, lying in the roadway with tire marks across his torso.

Although, passersby might say he hit the ground running.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Cold Snap

First, the business...

1)A 37-year-old New Orleans man was shot dead Saturday night in the 2800 block of Chippewa Street in the Lower Garden District

2)New Orleans police are investigating an apparent hit-and-run that left a 49-year-old man dead early Saturday in Gert Town. A garbage truck driver working about 5 a.m. in the 7700 block of Colapissa Street found the man's body in the roadway, tire marks tracked across his torso

Then, the returns...

From one reader:
No, no, and no. Less is more, and these are all too much. And what's up with that french, desconocido? It translates as, "ah, but this is the demon this is in the details." (It should actually read "le diable est dans les details"). If you want to say "the devil is in the details", well then just say that. But if you must feign multi-lingualism, at least google one of the many free translation sites out there.

and another:

I decided to give it a day to marinate. I liked all of them although the cap locks threw me too. But I liked desconcido's toss-in of French and the "No whining y'all" and cordelia's softness. My first choice is desconocido. JKT's passion was compelling but notso, the missing punctuation and slightly off spelling. I think you should give them each a a couple of days of real reporting and then decide. Like coming in for a second interview. That's perfectly kosher.

One reader put it best though:
Content given to write can be delivered infinitely

And that's the point isn't it. Content never changes. Patterns never change. Strategies change. Addresses and names change, but if you've read on entry, chances are you're gonna know them all.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Round 1

Here we go folks. These are the first applicants in the all new NOMB "Hunt for the assistant editor". Let us Know:

25 more alive?

"A 19-year-old New Orleans man was shot dead on a 7th Ward sidewalk as he walked home Wednesday night, police said."
"Police were not yet able to identify a subject or motive in the shooting, Assistant Superintendent Marlon Defillo said. Wednesday night's victim was at least the 162nd homicide in the city this year. There were 187 reported homicides at this time last year."


Posted by: JKT


Hope, but not for us

1) A 19-year-old New Orleans man was shot dead on a 7th Ward sidewalk as he walked home Wednesday night, police said. […] Wednesday night's victim was at least the 162nd homicide in the city this year. There were 187 reported homicides at this time last year.
2) Kenner Police are investigating a murder-suicide involving a man and his estranged girlfriend that occurred early this morning in the front yard of her residence in the 3400 block of East Louisiana State Drive, according to spokesman Shaun Watson. Police said Jason Alexander, 26, of New Orleans, apparently shot 22-year-old Alicia Fruge twice in the face and then shot himself in the head in the front yard of Fruge's residence. [...] Watson said Kenner Police responded to a call shortly before 3 a.m. from Fruge's aunt who heard gunshots outside of the residence she shared with Fruge and Fruge's one-year-old child.
All blank faces, yours too. Both these crimes got reported on already by the NOMB this were hoping, yeah? Ah, mais c'est le demon c'est dans les details. No whining y'all. It's still November, means you still have a chance to make good on that 187. Keepin it under, that is. Your friends in blue know it's about that time of year. Numbers, numbers, numbers...

Posted by: desconocido


Here we go again

A 19-year-old New Orleans man was shot dead on a 7th Ward sidewalk as he walked home Wednesday night, police said.

The saddest thing is we really don't know anything and probably never will. This is just like all the other entries you read on the NOMB that there isn't anything said about them and so all you read is another kid who can't even drink is dead. it's unbelievable/horrible thing that to write this first post I had to wait for this news, but as hard as that is for me i think it's important. God bless the boy's family. Thanks to the editors for giving me a chance to contribute to what I believe is a really important record of all the craziness that happens in this city we all love in spite of it.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The KKK Took My Baby Away

Oh, come on. We were all thinking it:

A Tulsa, Okla., woman who traveled to Louisiana to join the Ku Klux Klan was shot to death by the leader of the group's Bogalusa chapter Sunday after she tried to back out of initiation rites at a remote, sandbar camp in northeastern St. Tammany Parish.

In retractions/corrections;

That was 15 year-old boy, not a 5 year-old boy, that died in St. Roch.
At first we thought, "Jeez a kid getting shot by a man." But then we thought about how many times we've contemplated killing a 15 year-old (like the one that showed his dick to one of our editors and his girlfriend on Frenchman on a Saturday afternoon) and suddenly we understood. Not condoned, mind you. Just understood.

In unrelated news:

If you expressed interest in writing for us, you can expect an email this weekend with some info on the work. And if you're a reader, you can expect some voting.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Status

The 5 year-old boy that shot in the 2300 block of N. Derbigny died yesterday. An arrest was made.

From our West Bank division:

Police received calls about a shooting in the 700 block of Belleville Street. Officers arrived to they find a man with multiple bullet wounds to his body. He is listed in critical condition. If his luck fairs the same as others have this week, we don't hold our breath, or much hope. Still, you never know.

It was quite the busy weekend in the NO.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Your Big Break

1)Saturday, November 8, 2008. A teenage male was apparently shot multiple times in the 2200 block of North Derbigny just after 5 pm. He was transported to the hospital in unknown condition.

2)A 35-year-old man was shot in the chest and left side of his body early this morning in New Orleans. Responding to a report of gunfire, police found the man lying on his back in the 4100 block of Willow Street, near Milan Street, at 2:42 a.m.

They say change is in the air, well, they're right for once.
NOMB is looking for an assistant editor. If you like wallowing in death, statistics, using sarcasm to hide pain, reading angry emails and live in New Orleans, you might could write for us. Reply to this post with some contact info (we won't post it, don't worry)and we'll go from there. The editors are gracious, warm, people, they swear.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


1)The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office was searching Friday night for a New Orleans man who they say crept into a Metairie home through an unlocked door Thursday evening with an accomplice and savagely beat two men with a table lamp, killing one of them

What? you say. Why?

While investigators don't know exactly what the pair were after, they're confident the attack was drug-related because of the narcotics and drug paraphernalia found throughout the home

2)One of four teenagers in a home on Abundance Street in Gentilly pulled out a gun and shot himself in the leg Friday night.


Why the 15-year-old boy shot himself is being investigated.

Friday, November 7, 2008

People Get Ready There's a Train a Comin'

Don't worry everyone, all this stuff happened BEFORE Tuesday.
We've got it on good authority that, now that Obama's our pres, all this violence and stuff is a thing of the past.

1)1400 block of Saint Roch Ave. aggravated battery by shooting. The victim and an acquaintance attended a party in the area. The victim left the party and began walking north on Saint Roch Ave. The victim heard several gunshots coming from behind him. The victim ran and collapsed on the ground suffering from several gunshot wounds to his body
2)2200 block of A. P. Tureaud Ave. aggravated battery by shooting. The victims left a night club in the area and were standing in the block. As the victims were standing on the neutral ground an unknown black male approached the victims on foot and pointed an unknown type handgun at them. The subject fired the weapon several times at the victim. The victims ran and the perpetrator fled on foot. Victim #1 sustained several gunshots to his body and victim #2 sustained a single gunshot wound to his arm

Still annoyed by the distinction, "aggravated battery by shooting"? No worries! Our new president will straightened this out as well.

Also, there was this:
I don't know if you're tracking the NOPD Crime Alerts, but it turns out the Laurel Street Bakery robber was the same guy who robbed Hansen's Sno-Blitz and New York Pizza. One-man crime wave!

We would say
1)Where do you think we got the above informations?
2)Wasn't that guy 15 yrs-old? Is that a man?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Another Minute

Another brother goes down. We hate to see workers get shot.

The 34-year-old man killed Sunday morning in the 9th Ward was shot in a botched robbery. The gunmen demanded money and the victim tried to flee, but was shot several times in the back. Mario Cruz died at the scene of the shooting

Whose rebuilding this bitch?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Thought We Missed This One?

We didn't. We just couldn't process it.

A 72-year-old French Market jewelry merchant ended his marriage to a 25-year-old Nicaraguan woman by shooting her, wounding her critically, then shooting himself, fatally, during an argument in their eastern New Orleans trailer Saturday night

But now, on reflection, we say, this makes more sense to our editors than it should. In a one of those, "of course he did," kind of ways. Like, really, this is one of, like, only two possible outcomes for this situation.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Prospect 1

While you were checking out the art and the transvestite soul bands, the whole city on display (but not really, not the good stuff) the real waste land (no not the Lower 9th. NO East) was carrying on a New Orleans cultural tradition of it's own.

A man was found shot dead at an eastern New Orleans residence Saturday night and a woman found with him was bleeding from the head. The woman, who also appeared to have been shot, was rushed to a local hospital. Information was not immediately available regarding the woman's condition.

bon appetit

Friday, October 31, 2008

Latin Crime Wave

The first time, latin crime wave, refers to latin's committing crimes, instead of having crime perpetrated on them.

yes? no?

This is a rough one. Google it for all the details. We're to tired to get into it.
Deputies this morning are searching for two men they believe were involved in a brutal quadruple slaying at a Marrero barroom Thursday afternoon

Re: New Orleans East Murder...

It's just another man down on Downman. EC x

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Secret safes beneath the floor in Treme. Large bones in the fire place. human skin lampshapes in Bywater. And two killings in 20 hours in NOLA East.

On Wednesday, 2:40 p.m, a man was shot several times along Beechcraft Street in New Orleans East, next to an idling white Buick, its lights still on. The man died at the scene

The East has had issues.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Where We At

Maybe we've been quiet because of this "drastic reduction in violent crime" that's all the talk these days. More likely, we're like everyone else this October. Slammed

1)A 25-year-old guest of the Travelodge motel on Chef Menteur Highway near Downman Road was shot "multiple times" and found dead in his room about 7:40 Tuesday night
2)New Orleans Police are investigating a midday shooting in Central City that left a man in critical condition Tuesday

Maybe crime isn't down so much as everyone just decided there was no point in reporting/investigating/tracking/thinking about it anymore?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

That Point

where you're so strung out that you start making mistakes. Not seeing all the angles. Yep, that's us too:

Anthony Quinn died Thursday about 10:45 p.m. at University Hospital after he was shot at 5:30 p.m. in the 8300 block of Edinburgh Street near the intersection of Dante St.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


For the last two weeks or more, on our street, they have been shooting a movie, with 24 hour NOPD security, even on days when the trucks sit on our cozy little block, locked tight as federal funds.

We can think of a thousand corners in the city that could use a 24 hour police presence. The problem, NO can't afford the NOPD.

New Orleans police are on the scene of a homicide in Algiers, where a man was found dead in an apartment complex in the 2100 block of Cypress Acres

Friday, October 17, 2008: Frenchmen and Saint Denis Sts. attempted murder by shooting. The victims, New Orleans Police Officers, were shot at by the arrested subjects. This case is being actively investigated by Homicide.

Speaking of NOPD:

What kind of quote is this in response to the arrest of an officer for sexual battery of a minor?

"The superintendent is aware of the arrest and would like to comment, however, because of prior engagements this evening he will not comment until tomorrow."

A weak one. It's a weak one.

Monday, October 20, 2008


We're trying to maintain.

A 20-year-old Kenner man who authorities believe sold crack cocaine to undercover police officers last year was gunned down in a Kenner playground Saturday night.

Frank Williams Jr., known as "Frankie" and "Rell," became the city's fourth homicide victim for 2008 after an 11:30 p.m. shooting left him dead in the Lincoln Manor Playground

We're Hollygrove to death, eh Wheezy?

Someone shot and fatally wounded a 29-year-old Uptown man as he sat in the driver's seat of a Chevrolet pickup parked outside a shotgun home in Hollygrove Sunday night. Officers found Kevin Maxwell dead inside of a maroon-colored pickup, parked near Cherry Street's corner with Pritchard Street. His body was wounded multiple times

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Extra Sleep and Folk SIngers

Forgive us, or infinite guardian of newspaper clippings, we just needed the rest.

One man was killed and three others, including an infant, injured in a shooting late Friday night in the parking lot of a busy Algiers apartment complex.

The shooting took place shortly before 11:30 p.m. in the 3300 block of Preston Place. A white sport-utility vehicle was sprayed with gunfire.

Friday, October 17, 2008


If the police say so, doesn't that make it so?

Police say man is shot in Mid-City
A man was shot in Mid-City on Thursday shortly before 8 p.m., police said. He was shot "in the lower part of his body" in the 500 block of South Pierce Street

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Txt Msg

Some texts we got yesterday:

"Where yat?"
"Markeys @ 9"
"not liftin today"
"related 2 body found n gentily this mrng. carjack.killed boyfriend raped girlfriend & shot her& dumped her across thestreet. will email details tom. very scary t wake up 2 gunshots & woman crying 4 hrlp"

The official report

The body of a 22-year-old Metairie man, killed by a gunshot to the head, was found Wednesday morning dumped in a blighted section of Gentilly. Hours later, police found the victim's car miles away in the St. Roch neighborhood being stripped of its parts by three young men, who were chased by police, taken into custody and questioned.
Detectives are also looking into a possible connection with a shooting earlier Wednesday in the Bayou St. John neighborhood. Police released few details, saying only that a 25-year-old woman was in critical condition after being shot shortly before 1 a.m. in the 3000 block of Esplanade Avenue.

Email Insert

October 10, 2008

2800 block Urquhart St. attempted murder by cutting. The victim was knocking on a friend’s door, when he was approached by an unknown black male. An argument ensued. During the argument, the wanted subject produced a pocket knife and stabbed the victim in the chest. The victim ran to his residence. The victim was transported to University Hospital where he was listed in stable condition. The wanted subject was apprehended on scene and arrested for attempted murder

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


"Did you know there were two rapes in Audubon?," they ask. "In broad daylight. And that Laurel Street Bakery was robbed, and that someone was shot?"

"We tracked these things," we say. But to be truthful, we are still taken aback. "That's pretty far uptown."

New Orleans police are investigating a murder in the 2500 block of Constitution Street in Gentilly. A man was reportedly shot to death.

A 15-year-old boy was shot in the stomach by an off-duty parole officer in a botched robbery attempt Tuesday morning in a popular Uptown bakery.

"I got to come up, win the lottery, hold someone up or something"
-overheard on Royal St.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

To Tired

Yea yea:

A 28-year-old man was shot several times and killed in a Marrero driveway this morning. Sheriff's deputies responding to reports of gunfire in the 5500 block of Jordan Drive found the unidentified man lying down in a driveway of a home on the block.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

One More For The Road

It would be the end of NOLA work week without squeezing one more in.

A 37-year-old man was shot to death Friday night in the Iberville public housing complex in what police described as a "narcotics deal that went bad."A man -- who is not local -- was shot in the head, said Officer Janssen Valencia, a New Orleans Police Department spokesman.Valencia declined to elaborate on why police suspect illegal drugs are involved in the death.Police found him in the hallway, sprawled on the first floor of one of the three-story buildings inside the complex.

You know, we're very tenacious workers here. Very dedicated.

Friday, October 10, 2008


Its not Pigeon Town, Gert Town, Hollygrove. It's West Carrolton. And it's not Halloween. And it's not Vince Marinello.

A 36-year-old man stabbed a friend of his estranged wife more than 24 times Wednesday morning in the West Carrollton neighborhood. The suspect, Eric Cox, forced the victim off the road with his vehicle, got out of the truck wearing a black wig, armed with a handgun and a large butcher knife. He tried to shoot the victim, but the gun had been loaded with the wrong size ammunition. He then allegedly stabbed the victim 24 times and took gasoline from his truck and poured it onto the victim and the car.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Phone Calls

Call #1

"Someone just called and asked if I knew the person who was running the murder blog?"
"You told them you didn't know, right?"
"Of course."

Call #2

"What's going on?"
"I was just thinking about you guys and the murder blog, what with all these murders lately."

Oct 4th: 2400 block North Villere St. aggravated battery by shooting. The victim had attended a block party at the intersection of North Villere and Music St. She was standing in the street, when gunshots rang out. The victim immediately felt pain in her left leg and discovered she was shot.


We're not saying that street justice is excusable. But if it were our brother. We're just saying...

On Wednesday about 9:30 a.m., a 28-year-old local man was sitting in his car at the intersection of Jackson Avenue and Willow Street when a gunman approached. The gunman, identified by police as Lawrence Fleury, 31, fired several times. A bullet struck the man in the car once in his upper chest. Fleury fled and the shooting victim drove himself to a hospital. The victim's brother, 36, who was at the scene of the shooting, began following his brother to the hospital in his own vehicle. But at the intersection of South Claiborne Avenue and Josephine Street, the victim's brother saw Fleury throw a gun into a nearby Dumpster. The brother then hit Fleury with his vehicle.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


You know it's getting bad around here, the reportage we mean, when even our editors have to cross check reports against our own post to make sure that we're not double posting the same incident.

When they come in as fast as they have over the last few days, it's hard to see through all the smoke:

1)Police investigated a shooting Monday at about 5:30 p.m. in the 5700 block of Dauphine Street in the Lower 9th Ward. Someone shot a 19-year-old man once in the right leg, three times in the left leg and once in the upper left back. He was taken to a hospital in unknown condition.

Also, the man shot Monday in the LGD. His name was Vernon Johnson. He was riding his bike.

We all like to ride our bikes. Let us know if we're missing something.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


While our boys in gold seem to be without it, our boys on the streets seem to be finding it. One bullet at a time.

1)NOPD officers responded shortly after 7:30 p.m. to a report of shots fired and found a man lying dead in the street at the intersection of L.B. Landry Avenue and Erie Street, and a 17-year-old boy lying on a sidewalk nearby. The youth had multiple gunshot wounds but survived
2)NOPD officers responded shortly before 7 p.m. to a call of a man shot and found the victim lying in the street in the 1400 block of Coliseum Street. An EMS team pronounced the man dead at the scene
3)Officers responding to a call of a man shot went into a house in the 7100 block of Read Boulevard and found the man lying on the floor with a gunshot wound to his body. New Orleans EMS paramedics later arrived, but the man was already dead

We don't mean to sound crass, but jesus, that's a days work for any city, even the NOLA.

Monday, October 6, 2008


If you know the 2500-2600 blk St Philip, Dumaine, St. Anne, you know that this is one more shooting in a rough section of Treme. You also know that this isn't too far from where that gun battle broke out on Ursulines. Maybe they ought to reopen that police patrol and jail building on the corner of St. Philip and N. Dorg.

A 6th Ward shooting killed two men and sent another one into emergency surgery Sunday afternoon. Durrell Pooler, 23, and an unidentified man were fatally shot about 3 p.m. on the sidewalk of the 2500 block of St. Ann Street.

Friday, October 3, 2008


On other topics:

1) A man was shot dead in the 4600 block of Clara Street late Friday
2)A man was shot dead Friday night in Harvey. Deputies with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office responded to a shooting about 7:10 p.m. at 1248 Aberdeen Drive and found the man sprawled on the ground near a driveway. Investigators -- who so far have neither a motive nor suspects -- "located crack cocaine near the victim's body, " according to a press release

Our long standing quest to flush out the distinction between Attempted Murder and Aggravated Battery by Shooting/Stabbing continues.

1)Sept 26 - 1200 block of Elysian Fields Avenue aggravated battery by shooting. The victims were seated on the front porch to a residence when they were approached by three unknown black males. One subject produced a gun and pointed it at the head of one of the victims and said “don’t move.” The victim slapped the gun away from his head and the victims ran inside the residence. The perpetrators fired at the victims striking one victim in the back.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Yesterday's site traffic was reminiscent of the days following the Jessica Hawk case. Google searches and emails. We've logged over 140 murders this year alone, but we rarely see spikes in readership like that one. We could make all sorts of guesses as to why certain deaths generate more interest than others. It could be that through her travels she made a wide array of acquaintances. Could be that her socio-economic class has more access to technology. Could be that things like this scare us a bit, we feel like this little war in our streets doesn't touch us, only "them". We want to be reassured that she was doing something she wasn't supposed to be doing. Buying drugs, or sticking her nose in business that didn't concern her.

We're mad. Or sad. Or we say things like, "That's really sad that the people talking about her don't understand that being a white girl, no matter what your intentions are, in a bad black neighborhood in New Orleans, will get you killed," because we feel like those kids who set up shop deep in neighborhoods like St. Roch are trying to live some post Katrina adventure, sometimes with little regard to the realities of the situation in the city. Running on ideals and egoism, instead of concrete techniques and true altruism.

Or we say we just miss our friend. Or we're just sick of all this nonsense. Maybe we need something to read. Maybe we could say the media just give these ones more coverage and that generate more interest.

We could say it's cause she's white.
We could say it's cause she's from out of town.
We could say that this happened to another girl not a week ago, in a car, off of Amelia St, and the reaction was not near as strong.

We could say a lot of things, but here at NOMB, all we got to say is we're sorry.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Every once and a while, the editors over here at NOMB like to publish a few letters we recieve. Sometimes, the purpose is to share our voice. Sometimes to ridicule. Sometimes to open up a line of discussion. Othertimes, we just feel like it.

Regarding the shooting on 3000 block of Laussat Place:

1)Her name was Kristen. She was in her early twenties, visiting from California. A lot of broken people are left in the wake of this.
2)She was my boyfriend's neice. A wonderful and giving young woman, believed in the best of people. She worked hard to make this world a better place for all of us --- we have lost somebody special.
3)Her name was Kirsten Brydum. She was spending the last few months travelling the US. She was a passionate activist, working to find ways to bring sustainable living into our lives. This link is her last letter from the road

Regarding our post "Old News"
1)He who gets shot is the victim--in policeland. Forget who started it. At least that's my take on it.
2)Whoever gets shot first is the victim, n'est-ce pas? Or maybe you were ironic.

Yes. Yes we were being something. Ironic? We guess you might could call it that.


Attack with sword fails; neighbor's head intact

Just go with it folks. It's Wed.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Old News

When we read reports like this, we have a hard time following police logic.
How do they assign a victim and a suspect in a situation like this we wonder?

On Friday, September 19, 2008 at 8:10 pm, the victim was attending a
block party in the 4100 block of Eagle St when a silver Dodge Neon
(one headlight not working) drove around the block and then stopped.
The suspect exited the vehicle, walked over to where the victim was,
and a verbal argument began between the two. The victim attempted to
pull a handgun from his waistband but the suspect wrestled it away and
then shot the victim twice.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


The US government is going to buy up bad loans with our tax dollars. Both candidates "tend" to agree with the bailout. Listen to the debate, and hear how often they admit to sharing the same views, but maybe differ on the minutia of process.

Everyone talks change. But in NOLA, just like in politics and banking, nothing changes.

1)Bruce William Graves, 55, was killed shortly before midnight in the 4900 block of Canal Street in Mid-City. Officers responding to reports of gunfire found his body inside a house. Paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene. Graves had been shot in the head.

2) At about 8:30 a.m. Saturday, an unidentified woman was shot in the 3000 block of Laussat Place in the 9th Ward. Officers found the woman lying on a sidewalk, and paramedics later pronounced her dead at the scene.

You all can live with it. But these two can't.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


1) A Metairie man has been arrested on charges of killing his father and leaving the body in the victim's bed for months until the skeletal remains were found.
2)A 15-year-old girl was shot in the abdomen area Thursday night in Algiers. The girl was taken to a local hospital and initial reports indicate she is in stable condition,
The shooting happened around 7:20 p.m. in front of a residence in the 2000 block of Pace Boulevard.

We also had a premonition that someone was going to misuse their positions of political influence in some nepotistic manner that would fatten everyone's pockets through the use of substandard materials, practices, and inflated salaries. We felt it in our bones. Read it in our bones, and then this!

City's crime camera contract exposed

We are getting creeped out by just how accurate our predictions are becoming.
Next week, we predict that someone will get shot, possibly a young black male, and that it will, inevitably be labeled as drug related despite the fact that it could very well be the result of a long standing beef. Or the result of years of social neglect, terrible schools, institutional racism, poor economic conditions, poor living conditions, social pressue and cultural norms.

We're just saying.


Sometimes we are cooking breakfast. Or coming home from work, putting our bags on the couch and taking off our boots, when we hear a story about a murder. We think, "There's one for tomorrow," but then we search our sources and find nothing. We check the radio's website. We listen in the truck on the way to St. Roch. Nothing.

Are we hearing things? Do we secretly wish we had something to post? Most likely, we are developing some sort of socio-psychic connection with the police blotter that allows us to predict upcoming homicides ala Philip K. Dick? That or we just know the statistics.

Only time will tell:

1)Sunday, September 21, 2008. 1000 block of Andry St. aggravated assault with a knife. The victim was involved in an argument with his girlfriend when he was attacked by his girlfriend’s daughter. The daughter was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This story out of Chalmette makes our hair stand on end. Answering the door, being greeted by your killers, slamming the door shut. You're too late though. They shoot through the pre-hung 36" 6-panel door. Hitting you twice in the gut and once in the head.

A 20-year-old Chalmette man is dead after he was shot inside his brother's home early yesterday morning. Authorities say someone came to the house in the 400 block of Pierre street and knocked on the front door several times. The man opened the door and then quickly closed it, the suspect or suspects opened fire through the closed door, shooting him several times.

The victim, Vantrel Bienemy, died a short time later in the hospital.

The victim was shot twice in the stomach area and once in the buttocks.

Only the third murder on the books for Chalmette this year, if you choose to believe it.


The weather is changing, which could be effecting people. Domestic violence is common everywhere and the economy is bad which might exacerbate things. But, to us, it's more reasonable that these two tales are simply more proof of Armageddon.

1.A woman was shot Monday around 2:15 p.m. at an Ochsner clinic at 850 Veterans Memorial Blvd. in Metairie. Authorities were seeking her ex-husband as suspect 45 minutes later.

And today we read:
Kerry Bruce missed his court date Monday afternoon where he was supposed to enter a plea on charges of domestic violence against his wife. Authorities say that's because he was at a Metairie clinic shooting her. Bruce, 45, of New Orleans, led deputies on a 30-minute manhunt through a Metairie neighborhood before a Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office helicopter flushed him out of hiding in a backyard.

This one here. We just like the idea of someone taping knives to their wrists:

2. Deputies went to the home of Lance Webb Monday shortly before noon after receiving a tip that he was wanted on domestic violence charges in New Orleans. No one answered the door, but he drove up a short time later. Deputies stopped his car in the street, and Webb bolted into the house, locking the front door behind him. A standoff at Webb's home in the 2600 block of Chalona Drive then began. Throughout the afternoon negotiators stood on the front porch, talking to Webb through a window. Webb had apparently taped a knife to each wrist and was threatening to kill himself


Monday, September 22, 2008


The longer we do this blog, the more we are stressed for new headlines. Like today. Instead of Titles, we thought we might call this one "We Give Up."

Students, teachers and staff at Eleanor McMain Secondary School are struggling today to make sense of the violent death of one their own, a popular 18-year-old junior who was found shot to death in a car on Sunday night. Darielle Rainey was discovered by New Orleans police officers about 8:40 p.m. Sunday inside of a blue Volkswagen in the 1900 block of Amelia Street. Steps away an unidentified 19-year-old man who had multiple gunshot wounds lay on a sidewalk.


A 19-year-old Gentilly man shot several times in the head Saturday in Treme died Sunday morning. Leslie Cannon, the 142nd homicide victim in New Orleans this year, died at University Hospital about 11:20 a.m. from wounds he sustained in a shooting near North Prieur Street and Ursulines Avenue the previous day at about 10:45.

Just another Monday, just another shitty caulk job. Just more terrible construction. Just more ways to kill ourselves. More ways to keep us busy.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


In the few week preceding Gustav, there were two murders in the 1100 blk of N. Roman, which, if you know the Treme, is just off Ursulines. Then it quieted down. Some brand new fences popped up on the block, a second line left a wreath in the mud along side the road.

Today though, despite the cold front, Treme is getting hot all over again:

New Orleans police have cordoned off the Iberville public housing complex in their hunt for suspects in connection with two Saturday morning shootings in the Treme neighborhood, including one that prompted police to evacuate St. Peter Claver Catholic Church and Academy.

The first shooting happened around 10:15 a.m., when a 19-year-old man was shot in the head at the corner of North Prieur Street and Ursulines Avenue, about a block from the church and school campus.

The second incident, an apparent shootout among several gunmen, happened about 45 minutes later in the 900 block of North Rocheblave, about seven blocks away.

An old man told us, when we asked about the situation on the street there, "It's gonna get worse before it gets better."
WIth OK Corral style shoot-outs this close to the church and school over there off Ursulines, we can't help but say, "It's about as bad as it can get."

We got a lot of love for Treme here in the NOMB offices. We hope that great neighborhood can sort it out.

Moving on...

You can't snitch, not just cuz the code of the streets and countless rap songs tell you not too. You can't snitch because NOPD can't protect you:

A 19-year-old man gunned down Thursday in St. Roch was a witness in a murder case that had been scheduled to go to trial earlier this month but was postponed because of Hurricane Gustav.

Not that you probably were looking to NOPD for help. Not that may look to NOPD for help. Not unless they can help it.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Just about the time one of our editors was catching a flight out of town, Derick Jack was catching a different trip, catching a hot one a few blocks down from our headquarters.

A 19-year-old man was shot in the St. Roch neighborhood early Thursday afternoon. Darrick Jack died after being transported to a local hospital. Police found Jack bleeding in an apartment in the 2100 block of Franklin Avenue, between North Miro and North Galvez streets. Police estimate the shooting occurred shortly before 5:30 p.m.

There was a swat team on St. Bernard at 8:20 AM on Thursday. There was a man in Kenner who took his last breath. Got shot coming our of his work. Coincidentally, the it's the same ice house that supplies us. The synchronicity of yesterdays shootings is a bit much.

A man leaving his south Kenner workplace Thursday was shot to death in the parking lot by three men who pulled up in a light-colored sport utility vehicle. Damien Verrett, 29, died steps away from the door of Pelican Ice at 711 Oxley St., where he worked as a clerk. When Verrett stepped outside at 3:45 p.m., the three men jumped from the SUV, said Lt. Wayne McInnis, recounting witness reports. "And they just start shooting."

And just in case you thought we'd lost our sense of humor down here at NOMB

New Orleans police pepper-sprayed and arrested the mother of an O. Perry Walker High School student Thursday after authorities say the woman got into an argument with officers on campus.

COme on, really? Pepper-sprayed her?

Thursday, September 18, 2008


The idea of a woman, found dead in a abandoned bowling alley, is, to us, one that causes nightmares. Nightmare akin to the ones that linger on after being asked to flee your home, blindly trolling about the south, and returning to an abandoned neighborhood.

New Orleans police have opened a murder investigation into the death of a woman whose half-naked, bludgeoned body was found late last month inside an abandoned bowling alley in eastern New Orleans. The body has yet to be identified, but police are looking into the possibility it may be that of a woman who was reported missing a week earlier from the same block.Real estate agents exploring the former Sugar Bowl Lanes, at 7716 Chef Menteur Highway, made the discovery on Aug. 28

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How Does This Happen?

This bit of news gives us Dejavu. Like, maybe we were shot in the head. But we weren't:

A shooting near Andrew Jackson Elementary School in Chalmette on Tuesday afternoon prompted authorities to lock down the campus.

A teenager was shot inside an apartment in the 200 block of Eighth Street and taken to University Hospital in New Orleans, authorities said. The teen was struck in the side of the head but was conscious at the scene.

There's something extra creepy about the fact that the victim remained conscious.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Worst Of It

You all might have noticed that some of our editors work the construction beat. We've been witness to the rise in violent crimes against our Hispanic co-coworkers. Pistol whippings, armed robbery. Walking ATMs, paid in cash. Low-ball pricing, picking them up in the rain. Doing all the heavy lifting..

This kinda thing makes us sick:

A construction worker was killed Sunday as he tried to flee from two robbers behind his home in south Kenner. Miguel Vasquez, 35, an undocumented immigrant from Mexico, was identified by his roommates.It was only the second homicide of the year in Kenner. Vasquez was killed Sunday about 4 a.m. when two men, one holding a pistol, rushed him and another man in the alley behind his home at 2516 Idaho Ave.

You might not know, but for a while there, NOLA was home to the first draft of a "immigrants bill of rights". We don't know if the idea ever took off.


A New Orleans man was shot to death at an apartment complex near Westwego on Monday afternoon.Bruce Weber, 48, of 3845 Camelot Drive, was found inside a 2000 Chevrolet Suburban with gunshot wounds when deputies arrived at 952 Beechgrove Blvd. about 3:40 p.m. Weber was last seen driving into a parking lot at the rear of the apartment complex, when three men approached the vehicle and opened fire.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

We Forget

All the time. Maybe we read something and it just goes past us, and then someone asks,
"Did you see that one," or "I can't believe that happened," and then we go back. To look it over and think.

One week ago:
5100 block of Saint Claude Ave. aggravated battery. The victim was seated in the driver seat of his vehicle at a gas station when he was attacked by four black male subjects. One subject identified himself as the manager of the gas station. The victim and this subject argued and the subject left, returned with an axe in his hand and began striking the victim while he sat in the driver seat. Another subject armed with a pocket knife jumped in the front passenger seat and began striking the victim. The third subject jumped into the rear seat armed with a hunting knife and struck the victim in the head. The fourth subject stood in the driver side door with a stick and began striking the victim.

Does all this make us obsessed with death:

A 5-year-old boy died Saturday from an accidental shooting in Kenner. The boy apparently found a loaded Taurus 9 mm handgun on the floor of a bedroom closet. The boy was shot in the abdomen Friday night while his grandmother and great-grandmother were moving boxes from a U-Haul truck into an apartment

Sometimes, we think maybe it does. Maybe we're just sick.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Catch Up

If you're like us, and you live in Louisiana, you probably can't get it together. Maybe you're back at work, but your fridge is still empty. Maybe you're in Terrebonne and it's all happening again. Maybe you just need some help:

Per yesterday's post...

An account has been set up to help the young parents of baby Andre Jenkins with the costs of burial and related services. If anyone would like to donate to this fund, please contact Gulf Coast Bank, 504.561.6112, for donations to the account for baby Jenkins #100308980. The family thanks everyone for their care and support and requests that we keep all involved in this horrible tragedy in our prayers.

And in the back logs:

Last Saturday
2200 block of Marais St. attempted murder. The victim returned to his residence followed by three Hispanic males. One of the subjects was armed with a baseball bat, and another was armed with a 2”x 4”. Once inside the residence the subjects began arguing with the victim. The victim armed himself with a kitchen knife. The subjects attacked the victim with the baseball bat and 2”X 4”. The victim was beaten to the floor. The subjects then fled the scene on foot

Friday, September 12, 2008

Techincal Difficulties

It's hard, you know, to keep this thing going when every time the wind blows the power goes out at our offices. If you're in St. Roch, you might be getting shot, but you can't read about it on the Internet.

1)New Orleans police are investigating a shooting death of a New Orleans man who was found shortly after 10 a.m. Thursday in the 1700 block of France St.
The identity of the 29-year-old victim is being withheld until his family is notified. Fifth District officers responded to a call of a male shot and found the victim lying on the sidewalk with a gunshot wound to the body.

In the, WTF department:

2) A 5-month-old boy was killed in Harvey Thursday when his baby sitter allegedly put him in her clothes dryer because she had become frustrated with him.
The baby sitter, Ariel Smith, 19, was booked with first-degree murder.

When we read this, we think, "We don't much like the coffee over there neither."

A shooting early Monday on St. Charles Avenue left behind a bullet-scarred Le Monde coffee house. Police found four bullet holes in the back wall of Le Monde, one to three feet from the ceiling, and recovered a .45-caliber bullet fragment from the top of a desk in the coffee house's office. A 9 mm bullet fragment was found on the floor near the front door

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First Ya Shot

Then, eventually, ya die. That's the sad truth of it.

Mark Stone, 38, died of multiple gunshot wounds he sustained some time before 2:30 a.m. Sunday morning in the 7800 block of Olive Street.


You know, all that evacuating takes cash, people.

A customer and a robber exchanged gunfire outside a Kenner tire shop Monday.
No one was injured, but the robber escaped with an undisclosed amount of money from The Wheels and Tire Connection, 1817 Airline Drive,

Where's the owner in all this? NOMB does not, we think, encourage vigilantism

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Up and Running

This is one of those things we have double feelings about. On the one hand, we're happy to be back, after reclusive farms in Poplarville, nights in Slidell gas stations with pistols and plywood snow cones. Late nights in other peoples houses and peanut butter sandwiches.
It's good to have the power is on. The grocery stores open. The curfew pushed back. But NOMB is, for better or worse, also back on line:

1)Robert Santinac was found shot to death inside a four-door silver Isuzu Rodeo near the intersection of Music and North Derbigny Street.

And as if our fair TP's coverage of Gustav wasn't sensational enough to keep half the city's populace on anti-anxiety drugs for a good week they couldn't help and add this absolutely irrelevant tidbit of reportage.

A woman identifying herself as a friend of Santinac's girlfriend said he last worked as a cook at an Acme Oyster House in the city. Asked what kind of man he was, she teared up, bit her lip and couldn't answer


2) The New Orleans Police Department is investigating the shooting death of a man found in the 7700 block of Fern Street early this morning. Second District officers responded to reports of a shooting around 3 a.m. and found the unidentified male victim lying in the street with several gunshot wounds,

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Hello, New Orleans? Testing

-9 counts of looting?

Are we breaking up?
See ya'll at Union Passanger Terminal.

Saturday, August 30, 2008


While everyone else is trying to split town, the 7th ward is keeping pace.

A 17-year-old was found at 12:40 p.m. on the sidewalk, unresponsive and bloody, at the intersection of Touro and North Roman streets. He had been shot several times. He was dead at the scene.

The Times-Pic went up and knocked on the door of a man in the neighborhood. Surprisingly, he was unphased.

"It was just a boy from the neighborhood," he said as he ate his lunch. "Somebody had a beef and shot him."

Sarcasm aside, this is the thrid murder on N. Roman in as many weeks.

Good luck everyone.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Deal

It's not the rain that worries us. It's not the flooding or the wind. It's the people who are going to just lose it.

A man was shot Wednesday night and found dead in a spot not far from an Algiers apartment complex. The shooting occurred about 7:30 p.m. THebody, with a gunshot wound to the torso, was found in the backyard of a home in the 1500 block of Murl Street

an update from yesterday's Bywater murder:

Tyrone Banks

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Better get your hits in while you can, people. If we have to scatter, who knows when you'll have another change to settle your beef.

New Orleans Police are investigating a murder on the 1100 block of Bartholomew Street in the 9th Ward that happened at about 6 a.m.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


As a office of records, NOMB would like to stress that even though a lot of floks don't like the prison system, street justice is no viable alternative.

A 24-year-old New Orleans man once accused of plotting to kill an 11-year-old witness in a murder case was shot to death Sunday while driving through a 7th Ward neighborhood. Kenel Schneckenburg was driving north in the 1700 block of New Orleans Street about 1 p.m. when two men fired several bullets into his car.

After all, the word accused is the one that matters most in this paragraph.

In 2001, Schneckenburg was booked with two counts of first-degree murder in connection with the fatal shootings of Reginald Foley, 16, and Julian Paige, 24, outside Paige's home on St. Ferdinand Street. Prosecutors under former District Attorney Harry Connick declined to charge him in either killing.

He was also indicted in 2007 in the death of Jealine Brown. Police believe Brown was killed on her bed by burglars who broke into her home the morning of Jan. 5, 2007, in search of money and drugs. The Orleans Parish district attorney's office declined to prosecute the first-degree murder charge.

So whose making the decisions then, if we are gonna go for it. Cuz if our editors had our way, we'd have shot everyone between us and the smith machine at the gym yesterday.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

We Think This Has 2 Ways it Can Go

Bloggers Urged to Promote Recovery

We've always encouraged recovery, but maybe we've never said it out loud before.
So here we go...

People wounded in the City of NO, please recover. Really.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sick To Stomach

Lots of reason to get sick today. Stomach virus. Smell of dead flesh on N. Roman, or any one of these...

The East:
1)Keenon M. McCann died on the sidewalk of the 6100 block of Dreux Avenue after someone fired multiple bullets into his body shortly before 2 a.m. McCann was inside a house on the block with his girlfriend. The girlfriend told authorties that McCann received a call from someone telling him to "come outside." When he stepped out, McCann was gunned down.

Let's hope NOPD has learned to search telephone records.

Apparently there was gunfire and a real fire right next to each other in Esplanade Ridge yesterday
2)Officers were scouring the scene of a shooting near the busy intersection of Columbus Street and North Claiborne Avenue in the 7th Ward. A 17-year-old man was wounded in a spray of gunfire, police said. The victim was shot once in the back. He was taken in critical condition to University Hospital.

3)Shortly before 6 p.m. in the 2000 block of Felicity Street. A gunman on a green bicycle riding along the sidewalk opened fire on Allen Ivery Jr., 24, who was driving a black Buick Regal riverbound on Felicity. The victim's vehicle hit a utility pole in the middle of the block and eventually came to a halt after crashing into a fence at the intersection of Felicity and South Rampart streets. The car stopped alongside a dilapidated house and Ivery died sitting inside the car.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Something in Desire is Burning

Not a play on words, but actually a fire, somewhere on the Floria Ave. side of St. Claude past Press. We don't know what it is though.

We do know now that:

A 39-year-old man died late Tuesday night near his home in the 300 block of North Robertson Street. At about 11:40 p.m. Tuesday, Jerome A. Jones Jr. stepped out from his home into the courtyard of the Iberville public housing development. He had heard someone whistle for him. Then a shot rang out. Jones fell in the courtyard and paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene soon afterward

We assume these are the details of the shooting reported yesterday.


At about noon on Wednesday, Davon Mark Hunter, 19-years-old, was gunned down in the 6th Ward at the same intersection where a man was killed over the weekend. The midday shootout marked the city's ninth killing in the past 10 days. The man was shot several times in the body at the intersection of Gov. Nicholls and North Roman streets.

If anyone is paying attention, this is the second murder in a two block radius within the last week or so. Last weekend, a man was shot dead in the 1100 Blk of N. Roman, which is between Gov. Nicholls and Ursulines.

In addition to these gems, NOMB would like to present you, reader, with the following:

Burgundy and Kentucky Sts. attempted murder by shooting. The victim, a police officer, was conducting an operation in the area. The perpetrator fired upon the officer. The wanted subject was apprehended. No injuries were involved.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Post #401

Gunfire in the Iberville housing project took the life of a 39-year-old New Orleans man Tuesday night around 11:40 pm.

We love when gunfire, and not another human, takes a life. It's like in Spanish when they say "Me cayo."

See, like this one. Not only do they suspect a person did the shooting, but they even have a name...

Terrell Bonds was arrested in connection with a shooting that critically wounded a man Monday evening in Central City. Bonds and another man were linked to an incident in which two men on a bicycle approached at least two people at the intersection of Second and South Saratoga streets Monday about 5 p.m. One of the men pulled a handgun and shot one of the people several times. The victim was taken to a hospital in critical condition.

And not to be undone by the string of girlfriends shooting boyfriends, a Metarie man, a very unfortunate Metarie man, got tangled up in this...

Averyell Davis, 23, was shot in the abdomen after the handgun her boyfriend was handling went off. Curtis C. Murray, 23, has been arrested and booked with one count of negligent homicide. Murray and Davis were in the living room of their home in the 500 block of Behrman Highway near Terrytown about 10:15 p.m. when the gun discharged.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


As some of us here got significant others, we sure hope this isn't going to be the next big thing. Like text messaging was.

A St. John the Baptist Parish woman fatally stabbed her boyfriend with a 7-inch steak knife Saturday after a fight. Kiayana Becnel, 31, called the Sheriff's Office about midnight to report the stabbing. Deputies arrived at the couple's LaPlace home to find Kentrall Jones, 32, on their bedroom floor. Jones, who was stabbed in the back, was later pronounced dead at River Parishes Hospital.

Let's face it, we could all think of a reason to stab our boy/girlfriend if we had a hot second.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Let 'Em Have It

When we were kids, we certainly didn't believe in guns. We liked punk rock and peace. We still like thsse things, but we've come to understand the necessity of certain tools.

A 30-year-old man's Sunday morning decision to break into his estranged girlfriend's Metairie apartment and attack her turned out to be deadly. Corey Paul died from two gunshots fired by Carol Beal, 26, a woman Paul had dated for less than a year. Beal apparently fired in an effort to ward off both a home invasion and an attack; therefore, sheriff's investigators deemed the homicide "justifiable," and Beal was not arrested or charged.

We can also say, with relative certainty, that certain decisions set certain things in motion.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Debate Rages

When people tell us, "This blog dehumanize victims," we can only say, "you have a pretty subjective view of what it means to be human."

We also say, "We're going with what we got."

Saturday in Treme:

Tyone Nions, 33, of New Orleans, was killed at about 2:30 p.m. on North Roman between Ursulines Avenue and Gov. Nicholls Street. Police had no suspects or motive in the shooting.

Saturday Uptown:

Travain Jones, 20, and Bryant Langston, 17, both New Orleans residents, were shot to death Uptown at about 1 p.m. while sitting in a vehicle on Bordeaux Street near Laurel Street. Witnesses told detectives that two armed men wearing dark clothing and dreadlocks fled the scene on foot toward Annunciation Street.

They say our presentation lopsided, but we think that could be the point.

In the case of Tyone in Treme, we can add this:

That dude didn't do nothing to nobody. He just drank his Red Bull," said one man who didn't want to be identified. He received nods of approval from others who also declined to speak further about Nions or his death.

In the ongoing case of the Bywater murder, we can say that yesterday, the plywood was down on the Charters Street shotgun, that it rained most of the afternoon, and that it must be hard to have to go through the things of a loved one when they have died in such a violent way. But that all the families will have to go through that ritual, regardless of what ward they happened to catch a hot one in.

Please refer to past entries for clarification.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Face Vs. Names

Down here at our offices, we've been getting hit left and right with people talking about the woman who was stabbed to death in her home on Charters across from the NOCCA.
They're scared. They're angry.

We post those links and people feel worse.
"Seeing all those pictures," they say.
"Every one of these people has a face," we respond. "Not all of them have friends with Internet."

We guess for some the Rest In Peace shirt doesn't drive the reality home as well as a video blog.

Try to visualize this:

1) A Jefferson Parish public school teacher was found dead in his Gretna home Friday and police are searching for his missing car. The body of Weston Verrette, 56, was found in the 600 block of Second Street around 12:30 p.m. Gretna Deputy Police Chief Charles Whitmer would not identify Verrette by name, but said police received a call asking them to check the victim. While he would not release any details about the victim's death, Whitmer called it "violent."

We guess it also helps a victims memory if the paper doesn't dig up every parking ticket and pot arrest the victim had prior to their untimely demise.

Friday, August 15, 2008

At Work

We see the NOPD has made some moves on the street ala the FBI moving on NOAH.

There are lot of people interested in this case so we thought we share this development:

Barry Williams, 29, of 4327 D'Hemecourt St., was booked with being a principal to second-degree murder in connection with the death of Donald Dufrene III. Williams, who was arrested Wednesday, is being held at the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center in lieu of $100,000 bail.

Not so many in this one, but trust us, if you knew the rate at which Hispanic labor is targeted in this city, you'd be interested:

Ashton L. Gioustover was booked Thursday with first-degree murder in the shooting of 44-year-old Rodilio Rodriguez, who was gunned down in the bathroom of his Milan neighborhood home shortly after 7 a.m. Monday.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


We were asked to distribute these:

Jessica Hawk on Facebook
Jessica Hawk Blog

So we are.
We review such request on a case by case basis.


How Was Your Wed?

His was no good:
1)A 38-year-old man was fatally stabbed Wednesday evening in a domestic incident in Algiers.

If you were in the Marigny, you were probably getting held up with an assault rifle. Mandeville St. was hot.

If you were these people:

1900 block of Alabo St. armed robbery with a gun. Three volunteers from out of state were packing their vehicle when they were approached by an unknown black male armed with an assault rifle.

You got a taste of NOLA that they don't serve in French Quarter restaurants, unless you consider the bill.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Jessica L. Hawk, a 32-year-old native of Ohio, died from stab wounds.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More of the Same

Tired of it yet?

1)At about 3:30 a.m. near St. Charles Avenue and Josephine Street, police said. Officers responding to a report of a shooting found 27 year-old Antoine C. Pierre inside his vehicle with a gunshot wound. He died shortly after.

2)Shortly after 7 a.m., police responded to a shooting in the 3700 block of Dryades Street in the Milan neighborhood. They found a 43-year-old man inside his home with a gunshot wound to the chest. He was pronounced dead at the scene.Police said three gunmen had approached the victim and forced him inside the home in an apparent robbery. They demanded money, shot the man and then ran away

We were going back to work after lunch when we saw this crime scene at the corner of Montegut and Charters. When we got home, out neighbor called.
"Did you see the cars?"
"We heard the Police Chaplin was over there."

Now we know:
3)Officers conducting a check on a residence in the 3000 block of Chartres Street made a grisly discovery. Inside the home, officers found an unidentified female on the floor "with trauma to the body" at about 9:40 a.m., police said. The death was classified a murder later in the day. The woman's identity has not been released and scant details of the killing were available.

The times- pic reports that beyond the slayings, police also responded to two other shootings, four stabbings and three cajackings over the weekend.

Seriously folks, we tried to make heads or tails of the info that followed in this article but it's too hard to tell, this early in the morning, it's too jumbled.


Thats my cousin and the sheriff is sitting on his ass not investigating the crime!! What does his criminal record has to do with somebody killing him!! Are they saying it's okay he died because he had a criminal record!! that is information that dont have anything dealing with his death!! that aint going to help anyone!!If it was a white person dead they would have been up all night doing they job but since he is a black male they must think it's okay this kinda thing happend all day!!! They must say to themselves another nigga is off the streets!! They will do they job imma make sure of that!! i called them rapidly telling them information i found out but still no updated information!!

Our sarcasm aside, dear reader, we completely agree. Sometimes we figure contextualizing information makes our point for us, but sometimes we forget that we're being too subtle.

Monday, August 11, 2008

A Strange Then Occured

1)The body of Dennis Sylve, 23, of 1509 Judah Street, was found when officers responded to reports of gunfire around the 1600 block of Betty Street.
Sub-set 1)Another Marrero man, Clarence Jones, 50, sustained two gunshot wounds after going through the area on his way home

2)In the New Orleans incident, someone intentionally ran over a 33-year-old Slidell resident with a car, killing him at the intersection of Pauger and North Rampart streets, authorities said. Devin Legaux died on the scene from rollover-type injuries.

Both had criminal records: Legaux had a couple of run-ins with the law during his life. Sylve had a criminal history that included arrests for simple burglary, illegal carrying of a firearm, possession of a stolen firearm, battery on the police, home incarceration violation, interfering with a police investigation, disturbing the peace and juvenile status offenses, as well as municipal and traffic charges

That's right - multiple municipal and traffic charges. Why do they bother reporting this stuff. Is one of the readers suddenly going to realize, "Oh my god, it's that Dennis Sylve. I have valuable insight into his killing that I would never have provided. Thankfully they clarified his identity by divulging his tainted past."

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday And Saturday

Let's talk, shall we? Can we? We mean, do we know each other well enough?

An odd set of circumstances then occurred, Defillo said.

1)Double shooting 1300 blk of St. Roch off Urquhart: women were wounded by gunfire about 4 p.m. from an assault rifle. One was shot in the leg; the other was wounded in the abdomen.

An odd set of circumstances then occurred, Defillo said.

At the hospital following the shooting: As a security guard reported for work shortly before 6 p.m., two men arrived in a white SUV and exited the vehicle. Some members in the crowd, apparently without provocation, charged two men who were near the security guard."This massive crowd was coming over the wall toward her." She fired one shot in the air.

An odd set of circumstances then occurred, Defillo said.

2)A 2-year-old girl was recovering from a gunshot wound to her arm Friday after being shot Thursday night in Mid-City.The toddler was sitting in the back seat of a car driven by her mother when a gunman opened fire at about 9 p.m. Thursday in the 300 block of North Rendon Street, near the corner of Bienville Street.

An odd set of circumstances then occurred, Defillo said.

3)New Orleans police and National Guardsmen helping patrol the city are investigating the Friday night shooting of a man in eastern New Orleans. The man was shot once in the abdomen about 8:45 p.m. on the grounds of an apartment complex in the 10000 block of Hayne Boulevard.

An odd set of circumstances then occurred, Defillo said.

4)An Avondale man accused of having sex with his family's pit bull remained in jail Thursday after his mother reported him to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's office. Roy Laborde Jr., 27, was booked with two counts of crimes against nature Wednesday. He is being held in the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center on $10,000 bond. Laborde is accused of having sex with his family's pit bull, Sissy, on at least two occasions, according to an arrest report.

Here's a game folks, guess which story the bold Defillo quote actually belongs to. To be truthful, the only odd set of circumstance that have occurred to us this morning is the fact that we don't think all of this is odd.

Let's remove the context!
1)Joliet St. 1300 BLK, Aug 2nd 7:12 AM - 2 men shot a man and woman sitting on the porch
2)Tullis Drive 5700 BLK, Last SUnday 10:30 PM - Man shoots teen
3)Hero St 1600 BLK, July 27th 12:17 AM - Man shot in forearm "blood splattered on the side of the house on Hero St." Dramatic verbiage, no?