Sunday, December 23, 2007

Stories and Missed Connections

In a house on the corner of N. Dorgenois and Ozanga, NOMB has the following conversation with a homeowner...
"Your volunteers put these holes right here," says the woman, pointing at three spots in the drywall, all of them clustered
together about 24 inches off the floor. She moves to the next wall and
points to three similar clustered holes on the opposite wall.
"And these ones right here too," she says. "You gonna fix them up?"
NOMB gets down on our haunches and inspect the problem areas.
"Ma'am," we say, checking the trajectory across the room. "Our volunteers didn't shoot at your house."


after 9 p.m., police received a report of shots fired and found the
21-year-old woman on the sidewalk near the corner of NorthDorgenois and Onzaga streets suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to the back.


Jesse Jones, 58, of New Orleans, died Friday at 7:29 p.m. during
emergency surgery at University Hospital's trauma center, said chief
coroner's investigator JohnGagliano, who released Jones' identity Saturday.
Unlike most victims of shooting deaths, who die from handgun wounds, Jones suffered shotgun wounds, Gagliano said. At least four shotgun shells were found at the scene.
Jones died about 45 minutes after New Orleans police received a call of a man down near the corner of Fourth and Danneel streets

Just for the record, if there were gonna be two murders this weekend it should have been Devry Henderson and Billy Miller. What the hell guys? Catch the ball!

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