Friday, December 14, 2007

Thursday: A Day of Randomness

Criminality takes a Hollywood cue. While this kind of nonsense plays out great in the ppicture shows, NOMB can't understand why a security guard would waste rounds and endanger us by protecting so bullshit armored car. And then, not even stop them.

Three men in ski masks with assault rifles at their sides pulled off a highly choreographed armored-truck heist late Thursday morning and exchanged gunfire with a security guard outside a bank in the bustling Riverbend neighborhood.

The holdup was strictly a professional affair, authorities said. The robbery crew, dressed in dark clothing, carried guns fit for warfare.

Front Page Stuff: Baton Rouge gets a taste
LSU Police on Friday were investigating the murders of two students on the college campus.The victims, Chandrasekhar Reddy Komma and Kiran Kumar Allam, international Ph.D. students at LSU, were found inside an apartment at the Edward Gay complex. The apartments are next to the LSU Band practice field.

Just like yesterday's bodies on the northshore, NOMB has this tingle in our bones.
And PS..
We're posting this paragraph, not cuz its news to us, but becasue come on, this is one of the worst paragraphs the TP has cranked out in a good while.

It is uncertain whether two Georgia men knew it was their last supper, but they both ate within an hour of being shot to death "execution style" and eventually dumped alongside Interstate 12 in western St. Tammany Parish, authorities said Thursday.

Seriously Benjamin Alexander-Bloch, what the hell kind of copy is this. You aint in a James Elroy novel.

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goodbenito said...

i was in the bank and have a lot of questions. the guards fird first after retreating well into the bank, then all hell broke loose.