Monday, August 11, 2008

A Strange Then Occured

1)The body of Dennis Sylve, 23, of 1509 Judah Street, was found when officers responded to reports of gunfire around the 1600 block of Betty Street.
Sub-set 1)Another Marrero man, Clarence Jones, 50, sustained two gunshot wounds after going through the area on his way home

2)In the New Orleans incident, someone intentionally ran over a 33-year-old Slidell resident with a car, killing him at the intersection of Pauger and North Rampart streets, authorities said. Devin Legaux died on the scene from rollover-type injuries.

Both had criminal records: Legaux had a couple of run-ins with the law during his life. Sylve had a criminal history that included arrests for simple burglary, illegal carrying of a firearm, possession of a stolen firearm, battery on the police, home incarceration violation, interfering with a police investigation, disturbing the peace and juvenile status offenses, as well as municipal and traffic charges

That's right - multiple municipal and traffic charges. Why do they bother reporting this stuff. Is one of the readers suddenly going to realize, "Oh my god, it's that Dennis Sylve. I have valuable insight into his killing that I would never have provided. Thankfully they clarified his identity by divulging his tainted past."


Anonymous said...

Thats my cousin and the sheriff is sitting on his ass not investigating the crime!! What does his criminal record has to do with somebody killing him!! Are they saying it's okay he died because he had a criminal record!! that is information that dont have anything dealing with his death!! that aint going to help anyone!!If it was a white person dead they would have been up all night doing they job but since he is a black male they must think it's okay this kinda thing happend all day!!! They must say to themselves another nigga is off the streets!! They will do they job imma make sure of that!! i called them rapidly telling them information i found out but still no updated information!!

Anonymous said...

Devin was my cousin as well. it just obscene that this case is not being looked into any further, but of course thats new orleans law inforcemnt for ya, nothing but a whole bunch of crooks.