Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Three Tales

The Ugly:

A Metairie man has been booked with second-degree murder in connection with the death of a 7-month-old baby in MayIn a court-filed probable cause affidavit, investigators said they learned that Beach often became angry when the infant cried and had been known to place blankets on top of her to muffle her cries.

The Carpenter:
Sam Maggio drowned Sunday evening, pulled under by a fatigued and panicked swimmer who had been struggling against the surging surf off Florida's Gulf Coast. The waters off Perdido Key near Pensacola had been churned by Tropical Storm Edouard, creating powerful waves.
We'd just like to say that we had the chance to work with Sammy Maggio a number of times during our construction stint in the city. He was a good guy. Most of the time, he was doing renovation work in the church rectory.

The Other Carpenter:

Did we report this? Seems like we would.

on Tuesday, friends, relatives and pastors buried Wolfe, a home renovator found dead in a Broadmoor back yard on July 31. The killing became part of a bizarre chain of events that included a robbery, a burglary at Wolfe's home across the lake and a shootout with New Orleans police.

Killed on the Job. Our worst nightmare.

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