Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Cold Snap

First, the business...

1)A 37-year-old New Orleans man was shot dead Saturday night in the 2800 block of Chippewa Street in the Lower Garden District

2)New Orleans police are investigating an apparent hit-and-run that left a 49-year-old man dead early Saturday in Gert Town. A garbage truck driver working about 5 a.m. in the 7700 block of Colapissa Street found the man's body in the roadway, tire marks tracked across his torso

Then, the returns...

From one reader:
No, no, and no. Less is more, and these are all too much. And what's up with that french, desconocido? It translates as, "ah, but this is the demon this is in the details." (It should actually read "le diable est dans les details"). If you want to say "the devil is in the details", well then just say that. But if you must feign multi-lingualism, at least google one of the many free translation sites out there.

and another:

I decided to give it a day to marinate. I liked all of them although the cap locks threw me too. But I liked desconcido's toss-in of French and the "No whining y'all" and cordelia's softness. My first choice is desconocido. JKT's passion was compelling but notso, the missing punctuation and slightly off spelling. I think you should give them each a a couple of days of real reporting and then decide. Like coming in for a second interview. That's perfectly kosher.

One reader put it best though:
Content given to write can be delivered infinitely

And that's the point isn't it. Content never changes. Patterns never change. Strategies change. Addresses and names change, but if you've read on entry, chances are you're gonna know them all.

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