Friday, April 17, 2009

The Squabbles

Over the past couple of weeks people have gotten pissed enough to do the following things. With the possible exception of #1, this was all personal:

1) On Monday, 4/13/09, 6:38 pm, the victim was walking near the intersection of Painter St and Dreux Ave, when a gray Ford Taurus approached occupied by two unknown suspects. The suspects began firing at the victim who fled.

2) On Tuesday, 4/14/09, 4:46 P.M., the victim and his friend, Carter, Ponce became involved in an argument at the corner of Baccich Street @ Selma Street over a cell phone, during which Mr. Carter pointed a handgun at him.

3) On Tuesday, 4/14/09 at about 10:27 am, the victims and the arrested subject were in the 3200 Block of Pauger St. A verbal altercation became physical when the arrested subject pushed one of the victims. The arrested subject retrieved a weapon and discharged it at the victim’s truck.

4) On Friday, April 10th, 2009, the victim, her boyfriend, Weddington, Charles and his brother were involved in an argument over a Social Security Card at their home in the 5300 block of Cameron Blvd., when Charles Weddington began punching his girlfriend in the back and when his brother attempted to stop him, he threatened to kill him. Charles Weddington then exited the residence, returning moments later with a shotgun.

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