Friday, August 24, 2007


If they die in the hospital later, of complications, to they get added to the tallY? NOMB editors say no, decidedly
Somewhere on page two of the Metro is a story about a man who died from a July shooting, but we can't find it now that we're looking. Maybe it's too early in the morning to be doing this.

A 17-year-old boy, dead of an apparent gunshot wound, was found on a sidewalk in the Hollygrove neighborhood Thursday night, New Orleans police said.

Increasingly, the working class, the undocumented, the people who don't get a lot of press, feel the weight the most. A nice narrative:

The stickup men pulled up, parked and barged into the one-story stucco house Wednesday shortly before 9 p.m.
Inside, spread through a couple of bare, recently renovated rooms, six bone-tired day laborers ate dinner.
Two of the three gunmen forced the four men and two women together, huddled them into the middle of the kitchen and ordered them face down on the newly tiled floor, according to witnesses who asked to remain anonymous. The other assailant waited outside the house, in the 8400 block of Nighthart Street in eastern New Orleans

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