Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Day Late Ms. Coco

Everyones been talking:
From the 7th Ward.

The man appeared to be 20 to 25. He was 5-foot-7 and weighed 145 pounds. He had all his teeth, including a gold tooth on the upper right area of his mouth. He was light complexioned.
The victim had these tattoos: "Ms. Coco," on the left thigh; a drawing of a naked woman on the left inner forearm; "Big Mike," on the outer left upper arm; "Fatt" or "Fatty," on the left arm; "Darryl," on the left wrist; "Belinda," on the left hand; a butterfly on the back of the left shoulder; "B," in the middle of the back; and "Queen," on one buttock, and "B@#$HV," or "B@#$HY," on the other buttock.
He wore a long blond wig, makeup, a short blue skirt, three tanktops and gold shoes.

Are they looking for someone to help them identify Ms. Coco? Are they making commentary? About fast living and tank tops? Light skin tranny tricks?
Either way, Queen Bitchy AKA Ms. Coco didn't get the same kindness as the Kenner Crack Head:

This headline has understatement written all over it.

Troubled life cut short, cops say
Drugs, prostitution raised risk, chief says

Kenner police on Tuesday identified a woman who was found dead in a vacant lot north of Louis Armstrong International Airport as a convict barely three weeks out of prison.
Chief Steve Caraway said Bobbie Joe Hulsey, 21, had been jailed on drug and prostitution charges, which point to a lifestyle that likely figured into her death.
"This choice of lifestyle often leads to this result," Caraway said, adding, "Nobody deserves to die like this."

Ms. Coco neither.

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