Friday, September 7, 2007

The Morning After

The yelling in the bullpen. The sulking Saints fans. The quiet block and the angry sushi chef. Only one thing can come from this...

A Metairie woman was shot dead in front of her home this morning in a blighted neighborhood near Mike Miley Playground.
Jefferson Parish sheriff's deputies said Jackie Craig, 24, wounded in the chest, was pronounced dead at the scene outside 319 Eisenhower Ave. They had no immediate suspects or motive. Witnesses reported hearing Craig arguing with someone, then gunshots rocked the street.

Gunshots "rocked" the street? The Times-Picayune is writing some good sentences these days.

How many murders can we really have in N.O. East before someone takes some action. NOMB supposes that the murders could be perpetrated in the city and then dumped out in no man's land, but still.

A 25-year-old New Orleans man was found dead late Wednesday in a car in eastern New Orleans.
Police received a report of gunfire shortly before midnight near the intersection of Hayne Boulevard and Trapier Avenue, said Sgt. Joe Narcisse, a New Orleans Police Department spokesman.

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