Saturday, September 22, 2007

Under Wraps

When a student was arrested in a Tulane dormitory four years ago with three eightballs of cocaine, a bunch of weed, and some acid, he was suspended for a semester. The Harvard of the South likes to keep it in house. And with tutitions pushing 30k a year who can blame them?
Try sweeping this one under the rug you Uptown assholes

New Orleans police arrested Tulane University football player Ray Boudreaux on Friday morning in connection with a stabbing on Bourbon Street last weekend that left five people wounded, including a man who remains in critical condition at University Hospital.

NOMB's anger and jealousy aside, we guess that if your gonna get stabby on Burbon, you might as well stab them all. Boudreaux's rampage left every member of the opposing crew with a little bit of steel in them. And NOMB likes to see this younger generation stick to their guns and follow through.
We wish the new crew of Americorp in the city had this kind of tenacity

On to serious business..

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