Friday, September 28, 2007


Sometimes, when we go on hiatus, we realize just how addicted to our work we are. How it gives our lives meaning. The irony of deriving meaning in life from murder is not lost on NOMB, but it doesn't keep us up at night.

After a week-long lull, the New Orleans murder rate jumped another notch when police were called to Algiers shortly before 8 p.m. Thursday and found a 24-year-old New Orleans man in a silver Pontiac Grand Prix fatally shot in the head.

Meanwhile, police received a report of another shooting later Thursday night, in the 3300 block of Garden Oaks Drive on the West Bank, police said. No information was immediately available in that incident, reported shortly before 10:15 p.m. as a non-fatal shooting.

Some times we all got to re-up and re-load. Emotionally, spiritually, figuratively, literally.

Have a good friday NOLA.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Look out folks. Word Life.

Aggressive begging lands man in jail:
A man who aggressively panhandled around St. John the Baptist Parish was arrested Tuesday for the second time in less than a week, a spokesman from the Sheriff's Office said Wednesday.

THat's right, violence has left the building, or at least the news. The Saint's loss has put the city to bed. we know were exhausted over here.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

No, Really

Do not the eyes decieve you, Brenda Macarthy, oh glorious sage. It's 98% statistics, 14% of all people know that.

Violence Takes a Holiday in New Orleans: Wins Big At Harrah's, Books Two Night Stay at Royal Sonesta

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Please Save the Baby

DO you think New Orleans' own Little Wheezy had this bullshit in mind when he cut yet another cameo for another R&B two week on the chart single? Actually, the Destiny's Child trax was the hottness...

A Westwego child suffered a graze wound to the back of his head in Marrero on Saturday when someone in another vehicle fired shots at the car he was riding in, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office said.

A suspect was run over as the second vehicle fled, spokesman Col. John Fortunato said.

The 3-year-old boy was wounded shortly before 6 p.m. at Ames and Lapalco boulevards while riding with his 26-year-old mother and his aunt, Fortunato said.

NOMB would like to openly apologize for the general tenor of our posts lately. Sorry folks, we'll clean up the language as soon as the assholes stop shooting babies and stabbing party goers...

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Under Wraps

When a student was arrested in a Tulane dormitory four years ago with three eightballs of cocaine, a bunch of weed, and some acid, he was suspended for a semester. The Harvard of the South likes to keep it in house. And with tutitions pushing 30k a year who can blame them?
Try sweeping this one under the rug you Uptown assholes

New Orleans police arrested Tulane University football player Ray Boudreaux on Friday morning in connection with a stabbing on Bourbon Street last weekend that left five people wounded, including a man who remains in critical condition at University Hospital.

NOMB's anger and jealousy aside, we guess that if your gonna get stabby on Burbon, you might as well stab them all. Boudreaux's rampage left every member of the opposing crew with a little bit of steel in them. And NOMB likes to see this younger generation stick to their guns and follow through.
We wish the new crew of Americorp in the city had this kind of tenacity

On to serious business..

Friday, September 21, 2007


At one point do adjectives becomes sensational? How 'bout right here:

Charles Lee got a nasty surprise when he walked to his car early Monday to get a box of pork chops for his Algiers meat market: an AK-47 assault rifle pointed into his back.

But he eventually disarmed the would-be robber, a New Orleans teenager who has been accused of killing a Harvey man in Terrytown the same day.

The teen, Keaton Wilson, 18, of 1112 Vallette St. in Algiers, is wanted by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office in the homicide of Kerwin Givens, 31, on Monday morning.

Luckily, NO East still provides:

A 25-year-old man was shot and killed early Thursday in eastern New Orleans, police said.

The victim, a local man, was shot shortly before 3:30 a.m. in the 15300 block of Chef Menteur Highway, according to a New Orleans Police Department news release.

Seventh District patrol officers responding to a call of an injured male found the victim suffering from gunshot wounds to his upper body

They say this puts at 150 for the year. NOMB's editors are to tired to care, to be honest. Just too tired.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Saddle: Back In

Where does it happen. Uptown, in Kenner, down the street from us. Good Times Roll etc..

A pall of grief descended on a block of older homes in the 9th Ward where a 19-year-old man was shot to death Tuesday.
Mario Anthony Green's mother cried inconsolably in the 1200 block of Louisa Street. She sat on the ground at the corner of Urquhart Street.

The body, which was actually lying on Marais, was only a few feet from the Warehouse where NOMB and the Americorp army stage rebuilding efforts round the city.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


While NOMB was slacking off, going to the lake front, listening to stories over Pho that recount the tale of a mutal aquaintance and the man who jumped into her car on Magazine street, his boddy riddled with bullets, the city moves on.

Like the 4AM shooting on Poland.
Or the birthday party shoot out.
Four killings in the city since Saturday. At least six other people were shot in the city, including three who were critically wounded.
Police also reported a rape and barroom fight that resulted in the stabbing of five people.
The hippies running thier mouths down atr the dog parks and someone else is gonna get clipped in Bywater.

Anyway, here's the best we recount:

An early morning shooting Saturday left one man dead in Central City, bringing the New Orleans' homicide total to at least 145 for 2007.

In an unrelated incident, one person was killed and three wounded in a multiple shooting Saturday night during a birthday party in Kenner. An 8-year-old boy was in stable condition, Kenner police said.

The incident began with an argument inside a bar, which police did not identify, in the 200 block of Bourbon. It escalated to a fight outside, during which a man stabbed the victims: four men and a woman, Williams said. The fight moved throughout the block, she said.

Two men were killed in unrelated shootings early Sunday, the New Orleans Police Department reported.

Phillip A. Carmouche Jr., 29, of New Orleans, was killed in Algiers shortly after midnight, and an unidentified man was found shot to death in the Upper 9th Ward about 7 a.m., said Officer Jonette Williams, NOPD spokeswoman.

Two people were shot in separate instances Sunday night, New Orleans police said.

One victim suffered a leg wound about 8:50 p.m. in the area of Canal and Basin streets. The other was shot in the back about 9:10 p.m. near Basin and Bienville streets, said Jonette Williams, a police public information officer.

A 28-year-old New Orleans man was fatally shot Monday morning following an argument that began in a Central Business District bar and ended on a Bywater street corner.

Friday, September 14, 2007


If you read the paper today, you might think they were working these murder cases like television cops. Lets see what they've been up to:

1)Woman booked with killing in Metairie
2)St. Rose man guilty in Kenner slaying
3)Metairie man booked in killing
4)Kenner murder suspect arrested
5)Algiers shooting suspect named
6)Bywater armed robber is sought
7)2 arrested in Destrehan holdups

Upon closer look, there's not a whole lot of convictions here. We all know that arrests usually amount to shit in the Big NO.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursday's Buisness

See, the volume is so high, even the Times-Picayune is lagging behind. It's not just NOMB:

A 21-year-old man was shot and killed Tuesday night in the Broadmoor neighborhood, according to New Orleans police.

The shooting took place about 10:35 p.m. in the 3600 block of Louisiana Avenue Parkway. Second District patrol officers found Larry Gooden lying on the sidewalk with several gunshot wounds.

A Day Late Ms. Coco

Everyones been talking:
From the 7th Ward.

The man appeared to be 20 to 25. He was 5-foot-7 and weighed 145 pounds. He had all his teeth, including a gold tooth on the upper right area of his mouth. He was light complexioned.
The victim had these tattoos: "Ms. Coco," on the left thigh; a drawing of a naked woman on the left inner forearm; "Big Mike," on the outer left upper arm; "Fatt" or "Fatty," on the left arm; "Darryl," on the left wrist; "Belinda," on the left hand; a butterfly on the back of the left shoulder; "B," in the middle of the back; and "Queen," on one buttock, and "B@#$HV," or "B@#$HY," on the other buttock.
He wore a long blond wig, makeup, a short blue skirt, three tanktops and gold shoes.

Are they looking for someone to help them identify Ms. Coco? Are they making commentary? About fast living and tank tops? Light skin tranny tricks?
Either way, Queen Bitchy AKA Ms. Coco didn't get the same kindness as the Kenner Crack Head:

This headline has understatement written all over it.

Troubled life cut short, cops say
Drugs, prostitution raised risk, chief says

Kenner police on Tuesday identified a woman who was found dead in a vacant lot north of Louis Armstrong International Airport as a convict barely three weeks out of prison.
Chief Steve Caraway said Bobbie Joe Hulsey, 21, had been jailed on drug and prostitution charges, which point to a lifestyle that likely figured into her death.
"This choice of lifestyle often leads to this result," Caraway said, adding, "Nobody deserves to die like this."

Ms. Coco neither.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

To Busy To Die

Today, while working jobs in Treme, NOMB sees a whte man with pompador and tattoos hanging flyers in all the telephone poles. As the neighbors hang around the corners and the porches, this man put up his posters advertising a $3000 reward fo infomation on his friend who was murdered in July.
NOMB kept working, moving through the hood and watching for the words:

New Orleans Police are investigating the murder of a man this morning in the 7th Ward.
Patrol officers responded shortly before 8 a.m. to a house in the 2400 block of New Orleans Street and found a man lying on the ground with gunshot wounds to the body, according to a news release.

Think you can just stand around? Check this..

Bullets meant for a group of juveniles in Central City missed their mark Monday and sent two innocent bystanders into surgery, New Orleans police said.
The women, 23 and 21, were in the 3000 block of First Street about 5:30 p.m. when a dark-colored car passed. People in the car fired at a group of juveniles, said Sabrina Richardson, a police public information officer. She said the attackers missed their intended targets, and bullets hit the women below their waists.

And, just to recap for all you listeners out there:
New Orleans police were busy over the weekend, investigating eight unrelated shootings that killed one person and sent eight more to the hospital. One of the shootings involved a police officer who shot and wounded a 22-year-old man near North Claiborne Avenue and Annette Street in the 7th Ward, according to police records.

Monday, September 10, 2007


That's what we've been doing: What ya'll be doing?

Four people were shot, including one wounded by police, in about an hour's time Sunday evening, New Orleans police said.

The police shooting occurred after a confrontation near St. Bernard Avenue and Annette Street in the 7th Ward about 7:20 p.m. About 7:45 p.m., a man and woman were shot in the 3100 block of Copernicus Street in Algiers. The incident took place near Murl Street, about a block north of Wall Boulevard.

And about 8:15 p.m., a man was shot in the 1000 block of Josephine Street, in the Lower Garden District. Someone drove the victim from the scene, between Constance and Magazine streets, to Touro Infirmary

Looks like ya'll been hella busy with the shootings

A woman who was shot in Kenner Sunday was found outside Clearview Shopping Center in Metairie, Kenner police said.

The logistics of this sentece are confusing, Times-Picayune. Do you mean she was shot earlier in Kenner, then found in Metairie. Or perhaps the knew she was shot, but didn't know where she went, then found here hanging out at Orange Julias (sic)? Eitherway...

Friday, September 7, 2007

The Morning After

The yelling in the bullpen. The sulking Saints fans. The quiet block and the angry sushi chef. Only one thing can come from this...

A Metairie woman was shot dead in front of her home this morning in a blighted neighborhood near Mike Miley Playground.
Jefferson Parish sheriff's deputies said Jackie Craig, 24, wounded in the chest, was pronounced dead at the scene outside 319 Eisenhower Ave. They had no immediate suspects or motive. Witnesses reported hearing Craig arguing with someone, then gunshots rocked the street.

Gunshots "rocked" the street? The Times-Picayune is writing some good sentences these days.

How many murders can we really have in N.O. East before someone takes some action. NOMB supposes that the murders could be perpetrated in the city and then dumped out in no man's land, but still.

A 25-year-old New Orleans man was found dead late Wednesday in a car in eastern New Orleans.
Police received a report of gunfire shortly before midnight near the intersection of Hayne Boulevard and Trapier Avenue, said Sgt. Joe Narcisse, a New Orleans Police Department spokesman.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Voyerism vol. 2

This one just made us stop and read:

A Terrytown teenager was booked with murder Tuesday in the shooting of a Marrero man in July, and he also will face attempted murder charges in New Orleans involving a double shooting in Algiers last month.
Kendrick Woolridge, 17, of 917 E. Monterey Court, was booked with second-degree murder, illegally carrying a weapon, resisting a police officer and battery of a police officer with injury. He is accused in the fatal shooting of Robert Wilson, 42, in the 900 block of Beechgrove Boulevard near Westwego on July 16. Woolridge is being held in lieu of $760,000 bond at the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center, but also has a hold on his release because of warrants from New Orleans police.

This one is recently relevent:
Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office investigators are trying to determine who shot an intoxicated pedestrian who then ran into a Metairie convenience store and collapsed Wednesday afternoon.

Don't worry though, he's gonna live.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

All Quiet On

The block today. It's kinda nice people. A light rain, a little sun, some ice tea.
Soak it up.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Laboring Day

We work, even when aren't supposed to, us non-profit professionals. We make phone calls. We worry. Our empathy - a weapon used against us.

The killers in the street, yea, they working too:

A 27-year-old man was shot to death Monday afternoon in Hollygrove, New Orleans police said.
The shooting occurred about 2 p.m. in the 8600 block of Belfast Street. The victim, who was found lying in the street with several wounds to the head and body, was pronounced dead at the scene by emergency responders.

My beat, kids:
Two men were shot in the 7th Ward on Sunday evening after a man began firing a gun at St. Bernard Avenue and Marais Street, New Orleans police said.
Two men, ages 20 and 40, were injured, police spokesman Garry Flot said. Their wounds were not thought to be life-threatening, he said. The attacker fled on foot, Flot said.

A Marrero man was in critical condition Monday evening after being found shot in the chest in an empty lot about a mile from his home, authorities said.
Jefferson Parish sheriff's deputies found Brandon Washington, 19, in the 1600 block of Julie Street in Marrero, around 8:30 p.m. Monday.

Let's all take a moment off our feet and sit a spell.

Sunday, September 2, 2007


In Mississippi, kids go to house parties, drunks drive their cars into the front window of the local record store, and there is a scandal. Someone, two white males in their early 20's have spraypainted "Wake up Hattiesburg," on city hall and the Vietnam memorial downtown prompting an op-ed piece about graffiti effecting growth.

Back home, we got this:
Two men were shot, one fatally, in separate incidents Friday night and Saturday morning in Kenner, police said.
Kenner officers found Lorocco Goliday, 26, of 719 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Apt. C, lying in the street in front of 2734 Helena St. on Saturday about 12:22 a.m., Detective Shaun Watson said.

In the other incident, Kenner police on foot patrol Friday about 11:30 p.m. saw a man and woman who appeared to be arguing in front of 328 ½ Taylor St. Officers said they saw the man, later identified as Andrae Thompson, 24, of 907 Beauregard St., Ville Platte, take out a handgun and rob the woman of her purse.
As the officers approached, they said, Thompson pointed his handgun at one of the officers, who shot him once in his right arm.

Plus, will this make the numbers? Why do we care? Because. We do.

A man who was shot during a brutal home invasion in eastern New Orleans on Aug. 24 has died, the Orleans Parish coroner's office said Sunday.

Boon Roopmoh, 48, is the third person to die as a result of the attack in the 4800 block of Savoie Court. He was one of seven people who were forced by two gunmen into a house in the Village de l'Est neighborhood where they were robbed and shot. They had been sitting under a carport