Saturday, September 13, 2008

Catch Up

If you're like us, and you live in Louisiana, you probably can't get it together. Maybe you're back at work, but your fridge is still empty. Maybe you're in Terrebonne and it's all happening again. Maybe you just need some help:

Per yesterday's post...

An account has been set up to help the young parents of baby Andre Jenkins with the costs of burial and related services. If anyone would like to donate to this fund, please contact Gulf Coast Bank, 504.561.6112, for donations to the account for baby Jenkins #100308980. The family thanks everyone for their care and support and requests that we keep all involved in this horrible tragedy in our prayers.

And in the back logs:

Last Saturday
2200 block of Marais St. attempted murder. The victim returned to his residence followed by three Hispanic males. One of the subjects was armed with a baseball bat, and another was armed with a 2”x 4”. Once inside the residence the subjects began arguing with the victim. The victim armed himself with a kitchen knife. The subjects attacked the victim with the baseball bat and 2”X 4”. The victim was beaten to the floor. The subjects then fled the scene on foot

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