Thursday, September 25, 2008


Sometimes we are cooking breakfast. Or coming home from work, putting our bags on the couch and taking off our boots, when we hear a story about a murder. We think, "There's one for tomorrow," but then we search our sources and find nothing. We check the radio's website. We listen in the truck on the way to St. Roch. Nothing.

Are we hearing things? Do we secretly wish we had something to post? Most likely, we are developing some sort of socio-psychic connection with the police blotter that allows us to predict upcoming homicides ala Philip K. Dick? That or we just know the statistics.

Only time will tell:

1)Sunday, September 21, 2008. 1000 block of Andry St. aggravated assault with a knife. The victim was involved in an argument with his girlfriend when he was attacked by his girlfriend’s daughter. The daughter was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

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Anonymous said...

Can you look into the case of the murder of a Mr. Winfiel by Thomas Henry. He went on trial yesterday. I was in the jury pool for this trial but was not selected.