Friday, September 12, 2008

Techincal Difficulties

It's hard, you know, to keep this thing going when every time the wind blows the power goes out at our offices. If you're in St. Roch, you might be getting shot, but you can't read about it on the Internet.

1)New Orleans police are investigating a shooting death of a New Orleans man who was found shortly after 10 a.m. Thursday in the 1700 block of France St.
The identity of the 29-year-old victim is being withheld until his family is notified. Fifth District officers responded to a call of a male shot and found the victim lying on the sidewalk with a gunshot wound to the body.

In the, WTF department:

2) A 5-month-old boy was killed in Harvey Thursday when his baby sitter allegedly put him in her clothes dryer because she had become frustrated with him.
The baby sitter, Ariel Smith, 19, was booked with first-degree murder.

When we read this, we think, "We don't much like the coffee over there neither."

A shooting early Monday on St. Charles Avenue left behind a bullet-scarred Le Monde coffee house. Police found four bullet holes in the back wall of Le Monde, one to three feet from the ceiling, and recovered a .45-caliber bullet fragment from the top of a desk in the coffee house's office. A 9 mm bullet fragment was found on the floor near the front door

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