Monday, February 9, 2009

Live and Die for Carnival

IF you think we've been slacking, both in the postings and in the violence, you can be assured of two things.
1) The posting is gonna get worse
2) The violence is gonna get worse

It's now official NOMB MArdi Gras. Hey MArdi Gras everyone!

1)four people were shot at the Cricket Club on St. Charles Avenue early this morning. The victims were wounded in the face, chest, stomach and leg.
2)Former New Orleans Police Department officer Willie Jones Jr. was shot to death just before daybreak Sunday, apparently in the moments during or after getting into a car accident on Interstate 10 in eastern New Orleans ( We suggest that no one look to much into this)
3)The stabbing death of a homeless man was classified as a homicide Sunday by Orleans Parish Coroner Frank Minyard.Gary Sing, 44, was stabbed in the back Jan. 30 around South Claiborne Avenue and Gravier Street

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HotMess said...

Hey Mardi Gras!!!