Monday, February 9, 2009

The Quarter is French but the City is Swiss

1) Downman & Chef Menteur. Homicide. On 02-08-09 at 5am, Officers found victim's vehicle off road smashed into parked van and fence with gunshot holes on the driver's side. Victim found inside vehicle with [fatal] gunshot wounds.

2) On Friday, February 6, 2009 at at about 7:05pm, the victim was walking in the 1200 block of Gallier St. when she was shot. Wanted: Unknown.

3) On February 8, 2009 at 2:34am, Victim and her mother had just left a bar room at Apricot & Cherry Sts. Victim was in vehicle as shots began outside of club. As victim's mother drove a bullet struck victim in the left side. Witnesses stated they were on the sidewalk outside of the club when unknown subjects in an SUV began firing at them.

4) On February 8,2009, at 8:56am victim was walking in the 2500 block of Cadiz Street when a black male driving a maroon four door vehicle struck him with the vehicle knocking the victim into an iron fence. Perpertrator then exited the vehicle and began firing an unknown type weapon at the victim striking him in the abdomen.

5) A man was shot to death inside an apartment about 3:30 a.m. today in the 900 block of Calhoun St, not far from Louis Armstrong International Airport

Nasty business. And we only had room for the gun crimes. As 0 reminds us, not everyone shares in the NOMB's enthusiasm for carnival.

(Everyone loves carnival -O)


One said...

Hey, um, I know you probably have addressed this/heard this before but, I'm curious as to what the official NOMB murder count for Orleans and Jefferson parish is so far in 2009....



Anonymous said...

Did you read the article in the Times-Pic about the woman throwing her baby in the lake? I found this quote strange: "The woman was last seen about three hours earlier, walking under gun-metal gray skies to the shore of Lake Pontchartrain."