Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Still no Iraq, Dawg

If it's not black males killing each other, it's domestic, so you know, people don't need to worry. Unless of course, they're black, or male, or in a relationship, or living in New Orleans, or not even remotely fooled by the rediculous logic that says only young black males are getting killed, or people who think that some how okay (you know, as long as its not me), or people who feel at ease because the problem is "taking care of itself.'

Police said a man was shot to death by his wife Monday evening in the Central City neighborhood, the fourth killing in New Orleans in three days and the second Monday, police said.
The Orleans Parish coroner's office identified the dead man as George Hammond, 45, of New Orleans.
Police said his wife, Janet Hammond, was a suspect.
Police responded to a call about gunshots in the 1800 block of Second Street shortly before 7:30 p.m. and found George Hammond inside a blue shotgun double, police spokeswoman Sabrina Richardson said. Hammond was pronounced dead at the scene. He had been shot in the stomach, police said.

Earlier Monday, Terrell Ceazer, 25, of New Orleans was fatally shot in Treme.
Shortly after 3 a.m., police responded to a call about a "male shot" at St. Ann Street and North Claiborne Avenue.

You can tell by the copy that Ms. Katy did not write any of this. Where's the reportage. At last murder should be exciting, no?

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