Wednesday, July 18, 2007


NOMB would like to take a minute to discuss the story that appeared in the Times-Picayune yesterday following the shooting of Nicole Guagliardo in Jefferson. NOMB would never suggests that anyone is undeserving of empathy, but crack additcts of minority decent are die everyday in this city and rarely recieve a full article tracing the chronology of their addiction. The headline, "Wreck led to woman's drug addiction, and ultimately her murder " relieves her of the burden of her actions. NOMB doesn't think anyone willingly gets addicted to crack, but shouldn't every poor soul who does and dies get a little reprive from the paper. After all, who's fault is crack anyway?

Here are some people who probably aren't responisble for anything either:

Racquel Singleton, 20, of 1205 Cambridge St.; Wayne Singleton, 24, of 713 Colony Drive; and Albert Smith III, 18, of 1205 Cambridge St., were booked with attempted first-degree murder and attempted armed robbery in the shooting of a 56-year-old cab driver July 10.

Authorities received a call Monday shortly before 10:30 p.m. from residents in the 900 block of Beechgrove Boulevard, in the Beechgrove Apartment complex, that a man was lying in a breezeway.
When deputies arrived, they found the man with multiple gunshot wounds, Garner said. He was taken to University Hospital, where he died Tuesday.

Here's a guy who spent a month in jail before they figured out that he wasn't responsible:

The June 15 homicide, in which Frederick Luwisch VI, also of St. Bernard, was stabbed to death, was the first in St. Bernard Parish in nearly two years, authorities said.
Merlin Brown of Poydras was initially booked with second-degree murder in the case, but was released from custody after detectives developed evidence instead pointing to Crawford. Brown, who had allegedly confessed, told investigators he had been trying to cover for Crawford because he is afraid of him.

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