Friday, July 27, 2007


Dear Folks on the Outside,
Stories filter into NOMB, becasue of it's nature, concerning men forcing young girls into cars, muggings at night, and others. While eating a soy patty in the kitchen standing up, NOMB hears the mayor on AM 870 declare, "We have a certian criminal element in the city. Sometimes visitors get sucked in." Or something to that effect.

Five teenagers have been arrested in connection with vandalism in Metairie Tuesday night into Wednesday morning during which they allegedly tossed a vodka bottle through a high school window, according to police reports.

Two brothers, accused of attacking employees of a Warehouse District restaurant this past weekend, turned themselves in Wednesday, police said.

But this one really says it all:

New Orleans police are trying to fill in the blanks in the robbery of a Lower Garden District smoothie shop Tuesday afternoon.

Four phone calls and one therapist session later, NOMB will not be going on hiatus, but rather, ramping up for full paranoid breakdown.
Thanks for the concern

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