Saturday, October 13, 2007

Lag Time

Now, our editors are notorious for sleeping on the hot stories, and also neglecting minor offenses (and then there's also the stuff from yesterday), but when you put NOMB and NOPD side by side, NOMB looks like rhodes scholars...or at the very least, competent, or not asleep, or you know, like Warren Riley said on the radio yesterday, trained in customer service.

Kenner police are seeking help in finding two kidnappers who forced a man to withdraw money from a bank's automated teller machine.

Officers said they found the man near a bank in the 2500 block of Williams Boulevard on Sept. 29 at 1:51 a.m. He told them he was getting out of his van in the Susan Park subdivision when two men forced him back inside his vehicle.

Sept 29th...

Look out folks, he's back on the streets. NOMB has almost as soft a spot for this Tulane stabber as they do for Ms. Coco and her blue and gold tnak tops.

The Tulane University football player accused of stabbing five people on Bourbon Street last month after a barroom altercation was released from jail Thursday after his bond was reduced.

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