Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Does This Count?

NOMB, like the rest of the city, was not surprised to hear of the passing of sheriff Harry Lee yesterday. He was a sick man. We were however, amazed at the dexterous stylings of Michelle Hunter and her depiction of "The Day the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office Went Silent."

Here's a taste:

When word spread of Jefferson Parish Sheriff Harry Lee's death Monday morning, the normally bustling headquarters of the department's 1st District in Metairie turned still.

The telephones went quiet. Conversations stopped. No one walked in to make a complaint. Even the ceaseless chatter on the police radio seemed to pause. It was an unscripted moment of silence in deference to the loss of their leader.

This loss, unlike so many of the deaths we've had here in the city over the last year, was unscripted.

All of that aside, we at NOMB wish his everlasting soul good luck and hope for the best, for his family and for the parish.

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