Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The East is in the House

Keep the count, brah. Makes 154 officially, but whatever.

Police are investigating a shooting that left a man dead in eastern New Orleans late Monday night.

Dwayne Landry, 25, of New Orleans, died in the 13500 block of North Nemours Street, in Village de l'Est. An autopsy showed Landry was shot twice in the head, said chief coroner's investigator John Gagliano.

Does anyone ever look at this blog and just say, "Jesus Christ."
We do. Sometimes.


Anonymous said...

This one hurt. It was my cousin. He was a good man. Was never a gang banger, drug dealer, thief, etc. He was in the army reserve and was formely a deputy sheriff. He drove Marlon Gusman around. This has to stop.

O said...

It does, it really does. We're sorry it had to happen to anyones family.