Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The List

A few times now, we've been asked to provide lists. List of names, list of numbers. NOMB is the list, names less sometimes, certainly incapable of producing an accurate number of murders in the city for the simple reason that this number is, in all reality, completely untrackable for people in our position. Who knows what happens to shooting victims sent to the hospital in critical condition? If names aren't released in the initial press material, or police log, how can we track it down? Of course there are channels, but this isn't our mission.

The steady stream of faceless, nameless, senseless acts is our business. Not because we're morbid. Not because we're sick. Just because, people. Just because we couldn't find it anywhere else.

1)A man and woman died Monday after an apparent attempted murder-suicide in Algiers. The incident occurred inside a home at 3537 Timber Wolf Lane about 3 p.m. New Orleans police officers responded to a report of shots fired and found an unidentified man and woman with gunshot wounds. The woman was shot in the chest and the man had a head wound.

2)A 27-year-old New Orleans man was killed Monday afternoon in the Lower Garden District. Jerome Sparkman was found by 6th District officers in a white Chevy Impala with gunshot wounds to his body. Police received the call about a "male shot" at 2:24 p.m. near Laurel and Josephine streets.

3)Earlier Monday, two men were shot inside a Gert Town club, according to police documents. Two men in their early 20s were shot inside Club Rockafella 2.5 at 3635 Pine St. When 2nd District officers arrived at about 3 a.m., they found a 21-year-old man shot to the back of the head and a 23-year-old man, shot in the right shoulder and stomach.A department gist said the man with a head wound was listed in critical condition, while the other was in stable condition.

See folks, how we gonna follow up on that?

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