Friday, April 18, 2008

NOMB: Now With Text Update

Here's how it reads:

"Dude we got a good ole fashion gun fight down here on constance about two blocks downtown from us. I didn't go check out who the unlucky was but the masses were gathered...i love this town.

This message came in from a friend living off magazine around 6:30 as NOMB was taking a leisurely bike ride through the quarter.

The paper reports it as follows:
A spray of bullets from at least two guns on Thursday evening killed a 20-year-old New Orleans man. Guy McEwen, who turned 20 on Wednesday, was killed in the 700 block of Peniston Street, near the corner of Constance Street, shortly before 5 p.m., authorities said. His body lay in the gutter, next to the sidewalk.

The man, McEwen, apparently testified in the Dinerral Shavers trial yet we wonder what the point of a retaliation killing would be since "Head" (the man accused of the drummers murder) walked last week. Not to mention that McEwen failed to finger the shooter in court.

In other news:
No one seems to know what the commotion in the Treme was yesterday as 10+ cop cars swarmed the St. Bernard Ave between N. Robertson and Marais.

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