Friday, April 4, 2008

We Know We're Missing

A lot of things that happen in the city, like crawfish boils, and stories that don't make the papers, television sitcoms and the like. The reason? Because we get stuck in movie traffic on Canal Street, watching for half a hour in our hot truck watching a flaming car run up and down the street.

Seedy Motels are a plenty in this neighborhood, same as on N. Prieur in Treme, and Airline Highway just off Causeway.

An unidentified woman was found dead inside a motel room on Tulane Avenue this morning, according to a spokeswoman for the New Orleans Police Department. The woman appeared to suffer from head injuries.

Officer Jonette Williams said an acquaintance of the woman called the police at 3:30 a.m. and reported that she had found the woman inside a room at Le Petit Motel, 2836 Tulane Avenue. When paramedics arrived, they pronounced her dead.

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