Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Remeber, It's Still New Orleans

We get a text message that reads, essentially:


The story, while not much different from the text, is the tale of a girl, new to the city. She fell in love when she came to volunteer. For the last 2 months, she's lived in Bywater and enjoys drinking and dancing at Mimi's, going to the Frenchmen and the festivals. Talks about how much anarchist energy the place has and has no regard for the warnings and advice of others.

On the corner of N. Roman and Esplanade, riding home from a free Hari Krishna meal, our heroines escort (a local chap of no small importance to this blog) slows his bike to wait for the meandering girl, too in love with Esplanade Ridge's fine housing to heed his warnings to speed up. As he waits, three men he can only describe as fists and braids surge him, stomp him, and get away with his bike. This was at 8:30.

Our heroine, who does not stop (for obvious reasons) rides to find help. The police, who are notoriously unwilling to help, spend a few minutes discussing whether or not the incident falls within their jurisdiction. It does not.

Anyway, just don't forget people. Seriously. We know its seems all vibrant during festival season. But if you haven't spent a summer here, try not to involve others to their own detriment.

Gretna police are seeking the public's assistance in finding the killer of a New Orleans man fatally shot early Sunday outside a Gretna nightclub.
Brandon Dugars, 26, was shot several times about 4 a.m. while entering his vehicle after leaving J's Place Night Club in the 1200 block of Burmaster Street, near the New Orleans line.

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