Saturday, June 28, 2008


...brings with it Pride Fest, pulled pork po-boy with slaw, and the following heavily abbreviated acts of violence against residents of our fair city:


1)Fri. 2:19am - Homeless man "buying drugs" in Iberville projects is held up by two men, then shot in the shoulder
2)Columbus and N. Prieur - June 17th (why the shit we are hearing about this now, we'll never know) 17 year-old is found laying in the street, a victim of a drive-by shooting. Gunshot wound to hip
3) Frenchman and N. Derbigny - June 16th Owner of F&D food store is approached and shot in his car when he refuses to give up the money.


1)Iberville St. - Man is slashed in neck, arm and buttocks when he refuses to give up his wife's purse under the persuasion of such colorful come-ons as "Bitch, give it here."
2)Music and Benefits St. - Cabbie is stabbed in the abdomen with a large knife by passenger in the back seat.

We'll admit it, when we get a ride from the airport, and the flat fare only takes us as far as Elysian Fields, and the cabbie turns on the meter to charges us the extra blocks to take us to Bywater, we feel like putting a knife in 'em.

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