Saturday, June 7, 2008

We Know This One

We make comments, us. All the time about stuff like this. But we will repeat it:

When your girlfriend stabs you, brah, and it's bleeding real bad. We mean real bad, like, you've gone through two or three t-shirts trying to keep the blood off the couch. You got to get medical attention. Even if it means trudging yourself down to sit in the tombs of waiting rooms that now comprise the bulk of the almost defunct Orleans Parish hospital system.

A 51-year-old man died Wednesday at University Hospital following a domestic squabble in which he suffered a cut to his hand that initially went unattended.The girlfriend, whose name was not available from police, was booked with second-degree murder.

Of course, knowing the available health care in the NO, "initially went unattended," could be Times-Picayune code-speak for, "the victim sat in the emergency room at Touro for 36 hours before the nurse called him back."

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