Wednesday, June 4, 2008


A hawk lulling around in the neutral ground.
A homeless man with a bright red snow cone
A New Orleans police SWAT standoff dragged on for more than six hours Tuesday night as a man with a gun barricaded himself inside a Lakeview house after chasing away FEMA workers who were making arrangements to reclaim the trailer in which he was living, police said
A pair of motorcycle cops, dressed down in knees high riding boots and dark blue,sitting on the second step of pinks stoop, long legs splayed out in the sun, bikes stashed in the tight alley along the side of the house.

Maybe we were wrong about summer. Maybe, like the guy in the FEMA trailer, we feel it's just too hot to move


Anonymous said...

The CNN news story says that the FEMA trailer was in an overgrown lot. But the picture shows a receltly cut lawn. While the car looks like it does have a flat tire, the rest of the area looks relatively clean. I am suspicious about FEMA's claim. They bought thousands of these trailers with tax dollars and now to make themselves feel better they want people out. Well where are they going to go. This gentleman decided he was not going anywhere.

Anonymous said...

This is so fuckin sad and a prime example of the absolute desperation in this city. So sad.we should let him move in with us - hed fit right in.

O said...

We took a class on home restoration in Cincinnati once where the instructor said "Poor people had a choice." We said that was true, but here in New Orleans we had to add, "Yeah, but desperate people don't."