Monday, June 23, 2008


We normally don't do this, stick our noses in the business end of the legal system, what with high turn over and rigmarole experienced on a daily basis by the DA, the PD, the NOPD, etc...
But after viewing both videos of the Ray Boudreaux Jr. stabbing adventure on Bourbon a while back, we have to say that we find this all very disturbing:

An Orleans Parish jury found a former Tulane University honors student and football player guilty of attempted manslaughter and aggravated battery Sunday night, verdicts that sent young Ray Boudreaux Jr. crumbling in tears and wails into his defense attorney's arms.

Boudreaux, 23, of Abbeville, relied on a mostly white and male jury to free him from the charges. The jury rejected the original five attempted murder charges leveled against Boudreaux after a Sept. 16, 2007, Bourbon Street brawl. But the jury convicted Boudreaux of lesser offenses that still subject him to up to 60 years in prison for the attempted manslaughter charges alone, rejecting Boudreaux's claims of self-defense and that he was the target of an angry mob that morning

Truth be told, we often stay up late at night wondering when this is gonna happen to us. When are we gonna end up in jail for fighting back? When are we gonna end up in jail cuz we stabbed a few fools out in the street? When are you?

View the videos yourself:

The defense video

Seriously, what would you do if you and your boys were on the receiving end of this BS

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