Friday, March 20, 2009

Protect and Serve

1) A man who allegedly forced his way into three New Orleans homes and victimized three Hispanic women was an one-year veteran of the New Orleans Police Department, according to Police Superintendent Warren Riley. Police identified the officer as Darrius Clipps of the 2nd District. The NOPD originally described the suspect as a man "impersonating" an officer or security guard.

2) "Patrolling Algiers one August night, New Orleans police officer Stephen Neveaux and his partner hear a series of explosions. He drives toward the noise. The police car pushes on. The gunman glances at the cops, then turns and fires twice again into darkness. When Neveaux's moment came that night, he chose to hold his fire and let the car crawl forward. According to the New Orleans Police Department, what Neveaux did was wrong. So wrong, in fact, that internal investigators cited him for cowardice and neglect of duty. Superintendent Warren Riley fired Neveaux."

#1 first appeared in the district email blast about 5 days ago. We suppose that means the composite sketch was drawn around that time. Floatin' round the office...

Officer Neveaux got the last word on #2: "You can't say what you would have done. You weren't there." Not being police officers, indeed we cannot.

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Anonymous said...

Unbelievable! Malik Rahim, of Common Ground Relief, was supporting the man who shot numerous cops in Oakland recently. Rahim stated "he did it for the movement." The link is below. Rahim comes on the program towards the end. Rahim then speaks out against another former Common Grounder who worked with the FBI to stop cops from getting killed during the Republican National Convention.

Cops beware if you drive by his house at 319 Atlantic Avenue in Algiers!