Friday, March 6, 2009

Stop, Don't Wound!

1) Two men were shot [not to death] in Gentilly and another man wounded in Algiers in separate shootings Friday morning. The earlier shooting occurred at Painters Street and Dreux Avenue in the Gentilly Area. Minutes later, a shooting in the 1700 block of Hero Boulevard in Algiers.

2) Homicide by Shooting, 10000 block of Roger . On 02-28-09 at 11pm, Officers arrived on scene and found the victim inside the location lying on the floor suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. Victim transported to hospital where he was pronounced.

3) Chris Holmes, a 55-day-old infant boy who died at a local hospital Tuesday, was the victim of a child abuse homicide. 1900 block of Elysian Fields Avenue.

And the one everyone's been talking about:

4) A New Orleans woman acquitted this week of second-degree murder in a 2007 Central City shooting carried out by her teenage son will remain in the parish jail for now, pending the outcome of a federal gun complaint against her. Vanessa Johnson gave her 17 yo son a pistol and told him to "go get" a rival after he son came home upset that he had been beaten up by 17-year-old Robert Dawson.

Children, tell your mothers...

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...not to grow up to be cowboys. moi