Thursday, May 21, 2009

Coming and Going

A friend tells us he's worried this summer's going to be a rough one. It's already hot. Shit's already catching fire. People are splitting town or getting ready for hibernation. You know the drill, and thus, we'll be posting more frequently. For now, a couple of district yarns...

1) ON 05-20-09 at 1pm, victim #1 advised the front door to her home opened with 2 unk b/m subjects entering pointing a small black handgun at her. Subject #2 ran up the stairs as subject #1 held the gun to the victim's head and stated "IF YOU CALL ANYONE I WILL KILL YOU!" Subject #1 quickly came back downstairs and grabbed 2 sets of keys from a hook on the wall and both subjects fled when they heard a noise outside. Victim #2 stated as he arrived at home he observed the 2 subjects running from the house, he took pictures of the subjects then chased them to Corsica Pl where the 2 subjects fired several shots at him. Subjects then fled out of sight after jumping a fence. The East, Robbery and Confusion

2) On Wednesday, the 20th day of May, 2009, at or about 11:00 p.m. Victims were driving on the Jordan road overpass, approching Almonaster Blvd., when they began to hear gunshots. As the vicitms got onto Almonaster Blvd. A dark blue or black colored Pontiac Grand Prix or G-6 pulled along the drivers side of the vehicle the victims were driving in, at that time the front seat passenger, of the supect vehicle, an unknown black male began shooting an unknown type weapon at the drivers side of the vicitms vehicle. ONe victim , who was driving the vehicle was then struck in the hip and left arm. The suspect vehicle then fled in an unknown direction. The East, Shooting

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Anonymous said...

What's our total number of murders up to this year so far?