Tuesday, November 27, 2007


It's about time we had some justifiable homicide up in this piece.
If they break into your house, shoot them:

Proximity Rating: 10 (NOMB does not work shipyards)
Jefferson Parish sheriff's detectives were trying to determine whether the fatal shooting of an apparent robbery suspect Monday night in Avondale was justified,
Sheriff's deputies responded to a report of gunfire about 7:40 p.m. and found a man lying dead in the middle of the 200 block of Travis Drive in the Kennedy Heights subdivision, Garner and residents said. The man had one or more gunshot wounds, he said.

If someone owes you money, shoot them:

Proximity Rating: 9 (Some of our editors drive trucks. How would they feel in this situation)
A three-day-old feud between two men regarding the payment for a broken pickup truck window left one of them sprawled dead in an Avondale driveway Monday and the other in jail.
Kenneth Musgrove, 24, of Ellen Street in Ama, was shot in his torso outside 173 Dialita Drive, the home of his alleged killer, Michael Glaub, 23.
The earlier shooting took place about a mile away on the other side of U.S. 90.

And for those of you who appreciate a taste of the bizzare, read on:
Proximity Rating: 7 (We don't jog, but we don't mind the fitness challage stations set up along the track!)
A New Orleans man died Monday after he was struck by an SUV that wound up on the Audubon Park jogging trail, said officer Sabrina Richardson, a spokeswoman for New Orleans police.

We're trying to get it back folks, bare (bear?) with us.


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Do you know anything about gunshots fired uptown at 11pm on 11/26?

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