Thursday, November 15, 2007

Where You Working.

Off Kerlerec, a man is trailing his hoe behind him. A white girl that has terrible skin, and true to form, lots of make up.

The editors of NOMB leave Lapyerouse (sic) the feeling that the house they've just left could be the death of them. The contractor who they are policing might just put a utility knife in their back.

A typical day might be:
1) A carpenter with two helpers. One a white guy with a backwards hat and tattoos on his nick. The other a young black guy with gold teeth and his boots unlaced.
2) A yellow cab with the sticker "Everyday I'm hustling" on the rear window.
3) Politcial fliers piling up in the mail box.

NOMB endorses Cythia Willard-Lewis over Jackie Clarkson. At least right now, only becuase Jackie's smear ads are on the kitchen counter next to where our editors take their lunch.

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