Monday, November 5, 2007


When we read things like this, we get an idea of just how ridiculous this shit get some times. NOMB seriously wonders if all this is easier than just getting a fucking job.

Calvin King, 35, was arrested Saturday night in the 4300 block of Loire Street, in Kenner. He was booked with aggravated kidnapping of Javier Sanchez, 26, aggravated burglary, and auto theft.Sanchez was kidnapped Friday night after armed men confronted his 21-year-old girlfriend at their apartment in the 1900 block of Clearview Parkway. The men confronted the woman in the parking lot and forced her into the apartment. They bound her to a bed and searched the apartment for drugs belonging to Sanchez, Fortunato said.
They were still searching when Sanchez returned home.
The men kidnapped Sanchez, placing him into his black Ford Expedition. Sanchez died of one gunshot wound, chief coroner's investigator John Gagliano said. Police said the wound was in the stomach.

This kind of whole sale gangsterism in a tad more sophisticated than Friday's slaying of a man in Treme, who, coincidental, was only one block from where a man threatened one of our editors on the job last weel. Luckily, NOMB hasn't brought the clouds on anyone's shine recently and so was probably not the intended target of the retaliatory murder that the dead man was on his way to commit.

A man carrying a sawed-off shotgun died in a hail of bullets midmorning Friday in the middle of a 7th Ward street, steps away from an elementary school in session. Police said a 20-year-old man was fatally shot several times in the head and body. He fell to the ground and never got up. He was pronounced dead at the scene, New Orleans police officer Jonette Williams said.

It didn't stop there. On Saturday, the little mini-war moved down the block:
A man was shot in the face Saturday two blocks from the site of a fatal shooting the day before near a 7th Ward school, New Orleans police said.
Saturday's shooting occurred about 3:45 p.m. in the 1300 block of Touro Street, between Urquhart and North Villere streets. Police said the victim was taken to a hospital, but they did not release his condition.

Needless to say, NOMB won't be sending any volunteers over there any time soon.

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