Thursday, November 29, 2007


No, the following is not a reprint of a story from yesterday, last weekend, or the week before. Suddenly, the West Bank and Jefferson Parish have become the hot spot to take out you rival. Probably, the low housing stock has force mid-level hustlers to relocate. You can't keep all your cash and dope in a one bedroom apartment player. You gots to spread that shit out to a three bedroom ranch home in Harvey.

This rash of JP violence seems like a direct challange to the stability of the new sheriff's regime. Taking a cue from their buddies in NOLA, the bad seeds have snatched the inievitable chaos of a administrative changeover to run wild. No?

Proximity Rating: 8 (Only one of our editors lives in the burbs)
Two teenage boys were shot Wednesday afternoon in Harvey, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office reported.
The pair, one 16 and the other 17, were in critical condition at University Hospital with gunshot wounds to the chest, the sheriff's office said.
The incident took place in the 1900 block of Estalote Avenue.

Story goes that two cars pulled up and two men got out and started shooting.

The news reported a shooting in Central City last night, but a review of all available media materials has turned up nothing. Even the WDSU Web site has no mention of it, which is odd considering they sent it out over the vacuum tubes while NOMB was getting harassed at a local bar.

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