Tuesday, December 9, 2008


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1) Jefferson Parish sheriff's deputies are investigating a Sunday evening shooting death in Harvey. About 7 p.m. found an unidentified man, believed to be from Harvey, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds outside 1152 Tallow Tree Lane. The victim was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at University Hospital. Witnesses said they saw three unidentified men running from the scene immediately after the shooting.

Grown Folks...
2) Kenner police are investigating the death of a man who was shot early Sunday during a fight inside a bar. At 3:16 a.m. after a fight at Club Grown Folks at 731 1/2 Clay St. found the body of James Matthews, 23. Matthews had been shot once in his torso and was dead at the scene. There were about 75 patrons inside the bar at the time of the fight and police are questioning them to determine if Matthews was involved in the fight and was the intended target.

And then, yesterday it thickens…the plot anyway.

Fire engulfed a Kenner bar early this morning, the day after a man was shot to death there during a fight. A patrol officer saw smoke at Club Grown Folks at 731 1/2 Clay St. and found that the back of the lounge was on fire about 1:48 a.m. When the Fire Department arrived, the building was "fully engulfed in flames." From the street, damage to the lounge appeared minimal. But from the rear, it was clear that fire had destroyed the back of the building's first and second stories. A Jefferson Parish arson investigator was at the scene later. Police Chief Steve Caraway said: "I can tell you that that club has been the constant source of problems for law enforcement," Caraway said. "When they're open for business we're constantly responding to calls about fights."

We shall say nothing, for we know not of fire, nor of patrol officers. We wonder what evidence needed destroying a day later that nobody had thought to look for. Such mysteries cause our neck muscles to tighten.
4) A man was found shot to death Monday night in a parking lot of the Iberville public housing complex near the residences of the 1400 block of Conti Street. The man was found lying face-down near a dumpster. A baseball cap lay on the concrete next to his body.

So many murders in bars outside O.P.... And a baseball cap.


And from us...


1) Rapper Weeby and Lil' Boosie involved in a shooting during the Bayou Classic out front of Rick's Cabaret? We got to ask about that the next time we're in there.
2) Royal and Kerlerec: The scene of a shooting last year, a girl reports being mugged by a gang of ten-year-olds for her bike. When she resists, they shoot her repeatedly, with a BB Gun.

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By golly, one would think there is a correlation between the residents of the Iberville Housing Project and social pathology.