Thursday, December 18, 2008

Before The Jump

We're busy over here. 1's gonna take it home for the new year:

1) Shooting death of a Sarah T. Reed High School student Wedenesday night in eastern New Orleans. Brian Urby, 17, was shot in the chest while standing under a tree in the 7100 block of Bunker Hill Road about 5:30 p.m. Several people were apparently gathered at the home, hanging out.

2) On Sunday December 14, 2008 at about 1:20 a.m., victim was in the
2200 of N. Derbigny attempting to get into his vehicle. Victim
and the arrested began to argue; arrested produced
a handgun and began to shoot at victim. Victim also observed
two other subjects at the intersection of Marginy an
d N. Derbigny
shooting at him.

It is illegal to boil live lobsters in the UK. Here, there are some laws, too. We're at '175' as of 10 o'clock pm Thursday. Which sounds wrong. In fact counting back only from the last time this blog reported an NOPD count it appears, conservatively, that the count should stand somewhere around 184 (Orleans Parrish only). And that's where it stands if you starting counting mid-November. We don't have time to comb through an entire years worth of posts, but it's our suspicion that maybe, possibly, the count might actually be even higher. And then there's the East again.

Also, justice:

Clinton "South" Rodriguez, 30, has pleaded guilty in federal court to dealing heroin in New Orleans, including the dose that killed a 16-year-old Lusher High School student almost one year ago. Maddy Prevost overdosed on heroin in January. Rodriguez was selling heroin for $100 a gram out of a home at 3511 Broadway Street.

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We remember that overdose case, it was all the talk at the crawfish boil last year.

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