Thursday, December 4, 2008


Lots to do so let's get started:

1) Nov 24th, Franklin Ave & Mexico St. Man found in his car slumped over the wheel with single gunshot wound to the head. Listed in critical.
2)5800 block of West Deer Park:Early Wednesday, Osborne "Ronnie" Surtain, 38, shot his longtime girlfriend, Jacquekeia Muse as their 8-year-old child watched, before dashing outside their eastern New Orleans home and shooting himself once in the head. He died in the hospital. She is in critical.


Ok, pop quiz New Orleans. Which one of the following posters is delusional:
a)1900 North tonti is a terrible neighborhood, just like Hollygrove, 9th Ward, Treme, NO East, Central City, Gert Town, St. Roch
b)So what? I live in a "terrible" neighborhood, that doesn't mean I expect some guy to come into my backyard when I'm playing with my dog. Christ. Its like people believe because you have a shitty house you are asking to get knocked out.
c)was gonna ask about that. i guess the point is that he was in his own back yard and not walking around the neighborhood.
d)If I stay in the quarter I'm protected
e)Bienville 900blk. Victim and friend leave club on Bourbon. Forgot what street they parked on, heard a shot, then a burning sensation, realized leg was bleeding.

From 1:

And you took up for me

Early winter is an uncanny time in New Orleans. No rain and embarrassed cold. There is nothing to do but own many garments. Today was aftermath for two mothers, in air we felt unfairly warm and sweet.

1) One day after her 21-year-old son was shot dead in the street in the middle of the afternoon, an angry mother allegedly grabbed a friend with a gun and went to the home of a man she believed knew more than he let on. […] on Nov. 20 at 8 p.m., Hills and an associate -- 36-year-old Robert Monroe -- allegedly broke into a home in the 1800 block of Washington Avenue, brandished a gun and demanded: Who killed Julius ?
"It's weird, you know, it seems he is in a better place, at peace, " his cousin said. "But he ain't resting yet."

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