Monday, December 15, 2008

New Years Resolution

Two things we need to cut back on in the NO. Club shootings, and site specific art installations.

Reported as being in the Warehouse District, we all know this club is in the Quarter. But, shhh...ok? Cuz we don't need that kind of press about the Quarter.
1)A man died and a woman was sent to the hospital during the aftermath of a shooting that occurred around 2:20 a.m. at Club Dream, 309 Decatur St.The man, who New Orleans EMS paramedics pronounced dead inside Warehouse District nightclub, appeared to be 20 years old
2)A young man was shot in the leg midday while standing near the intersection of Kerlerec and North Roman streets.
Time Delay
3) Three found dead in Pauger Street home. Neighbors hear shots Thursday, bodies discovered Saturday.

Other interesting deatils provide:
The victims were all adult males, though one of them was wearing women's clothes. There were no signs of forced entry. Riley called the triple murder an "unfortunate situation" and said that statistics show crime rates have been down lately in the city.
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Statistics for site specific art installations not readily available.


Anonymous said...

What's your e-mail? I want to ask about something that happened in my neighborhood yesterday.

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