Saturday, December 6, 2008


What is right. Our protege's taking some liberties:


A teenage couple was shot Friday night while the pair was apparently enjoying each other's company in the backyard of what appears to be the home of the boyfriend's parents, police said. The girl, 18, was shot in the head. The boy, 16, was hit by bullets in the right shoulder and left arm, Valencia said. A bullet also grazed his right ear, Valencia said. Both were taken to a New Orleans hospital. She was in surgery late Friday and his condition was described as stable. [...] Police so far have no explanation for the attack.

It might have been a great night. Nah, though.

Chances are strong we'll find out the kid made a beef earlier and then this happened. Chances are his girl knew about it, but she was still there so...

At least until we hear more, we'll think of this as a genuine tragedy. Couple of kids caught up in nothing but the world. We'll think that till someone tells us it really ain't nothin but a shame.

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Anonymous said...

What's with this Raymond Chandler shit? "caught up in nothing but the world"? What happened to desconocido and FB?

Constructive Feedback said...


Your site is great.

It would be better if you had a gadget on the homepage of your blog that provided a count of YTD Homicides.