Saturday, April 7, 2007

Good Friday

The Spanish Congregation on Dauphine and Clouet carried the crosses towards Poland St. As for the rest of the city...

The West Bank got off to a violent start with two morning homicides in Algiers and Crown Point, claiming the lives of a man and a 14-year-old. Authorities said a Gretna man may be involved in both slayings.

In other news:

NOMB used to do some plumbing work, and this man was a fixture at the counter of Barrnett Supply house in Metairie, where he flipped through the parts catalogue and complained about this and that. He drove a Jeep and now, he's dead:

A New Mexico plumber who was shot and wounded last month was found dead of a gunshot Friday morning in a vehicle on Interstate 10 in Kenner.

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