Sunday, April 15, 2007

Media Critique

It is increasingly harder to find reportage on incidents of violent crime in the city. Today, buried in the bottom corner of the metro section, NOMB found this:

Several teenagers are being sought for shooting five people at a Central City corner Saturday evening, including a woman who was left in critical condition, New Orleans police said.

In similar fashion, a few weeks back, the Times-Picayune reported the capture of a suspect in 17 armed robberies around the city. Nowhere in the previous weeks papers was there any mention of 17 robberies with similar MO’s or any string of crimes with similar circumstances.

It is the position of NOMB that shadowy forces are keeping the general tenor of the city’s crime problem on a very low frequency.

Also, it is now the policy of NOMB to aggressively fashion critiques of the New Orleans media outlets (as opposed to the tongue in cheek style which has hereto been our MO). We are very tired.

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