Tuesday, January 29, 2008

After Breakfast

We had just finish our posting, and were out and about in the city in a white van picking up lumber, when we passed from the I-10 to the 90 westbound headed for the river. NOMB in the passanger seat, we look down to the street below to see about a thousand police cars down at the Urban Wear stripmall, the one with big red letters next to the new Home Depot they're building. The yellow tape is going up. All different kinds of cops are there. Some in blue formals, some in olive green BDUs, some in SWAT type outfits. Every size and shape and make of official vehicle is out there too, doors open and lights on. We strain to see closer.
"I think they've got a body down there," we say.
The driver does not blink or move his head. He only gives a slight "humph" as he merges into the light morning traffic.

A New Orleans police officer,Nicola Cotton, 24, was fatally shot Monday morning in Central City by a man who police initially called a possible rape suspect, but who relatives said is a paranoid schizophrenic transient with no history of sexual assault.

Cotton had become a regular customer of the Magnolia Superette. The employees called her "ponytail" because of her hair style. Farah described Cotton as sweet, a polite woman with a badge. Typically, she ordered grits in the morning, he said.
On Monday, she had a smoked sausage sandwich with cheese on toast. About 30 minutes later, paramedics rushed to the scene of her shooting.

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