Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday from the Porch

A phone call:

"I was reading your blog," says friend
"Oh," says we.
"Yeah," says friend. "I can't believe someone was shot on the corner and I didn't even know."
"Your welcome," we say, not exactly sure what good, if any, our trespass has brought about as the words escape us.
"Sorry," we revise.

A Saturday of carnival shopping and health drinks brings relief to the NOLIA soldiers and heavy set Jeffersonian women at the variety store. Half making Indian outfits, half making ball gowns.

But NOMB still rocks the headlines.

Another in the NOLA "Burned Bodies" series. River/Lake still feel neglected.
An unidentified woman's body was found in a weeded lot in the 3600 block of Piety Street, a block from Higgins Boulevard. Tthe woman was dead before she was set on fire. She apparently died less than 24 hours before her body was discovered.
The body had burns on about 85 percent of its surface, including the back, chest and head, but the face had only minor burns that would not prevent its features from being recognized. It was suspected that the fire was set to cover up the cause of the woman's death. But the autopsy revealed the bullet wound, prompting Coroner Frank Minyard to classify the death as murder, making it at least the eighth homicide in the city this month.

The East: still hott with two t's

A man was shot dead Friday in eastern New Orleans. The victim, Scott Dorsey, 25, of New Orleans, was shot about 6:30 p.m. on Petit Bayou Lane near Willowbrook Drive in Village de l'Est. He died at the scene of several gunshot wounds.

Advocates for dangerous breed stutter, but refuse to give up party line, talk points.

Manson and Savannah -- two female pit bulls or pit bull hybrids of about 65 pounds each -- terrorized a portion of Treme Thursday afternoon, first ripping away at a screaming 4-year-old girl, then attacking a 56-year-old handyman.
The child's left ear was dangling by a thread of flesh after the dogs tugged, chewed and clawed at her, as if fighting over a bone, one resident said.

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