Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Once in a while, we get correspondence over here at NOMB. And generally we ignore it. Not because we think we're that important or anything, we just got other business that's all. You people know how that is. But sometimes, the letters and comments are so strange, we just got to repost them.

This little ditty came from a blogger called "GetThePressInvolved" who has a profile, but no blog as of yet, and the profile has only one view. What does that mean? Nothing to us, that's for sure.

Here's what he/she had to say about the incident in Jeff Parish a few days ago:

The story was a little different in reality...the police officers were both in plain clothes with nothing to identify them as police officers--on or off duty. Kyle Brown was with two women and he exited the vehicle with the weapon in hand. The police department has been extremely tight lipped about the entire situation. The name of the victim has been released, but the names of the officers involved have not. Also, Mr Brown was shot four times and never fired his weapon. If he is charged, the correct charge would be attempted assault with a deadly weapon. The word murder implies intent, and brandishing a weapon but not firing it doesn't even move it past attempted assault.

The police department clearly has an issue on it's hands because the facts are pretty maligned. The statement nears libel by indicating that all the information presented is fact. ALLEGEDLY would be the correct term.

Kyle Brown just got back from IRAQ serving his country, and gets shot in his own country by two plain clothes, off-duty police officers.

The statement released by the police fails to mention the two women present with Mr Brown, it fails to mention that the PLAIN CLOTHES deputies fired on Mr Brown 5 TIMES and hit him 4 times. Kyle Brown is still in the Active Reserves with the Army, and he was scheduled to take the physical to become an officer with the Bay St. Louis police department.

After serving in IRAQ, Kyle Brown clearly knew his way around a weapon and a dangerous situation, so why is it that the OFF DUTY POLICE IN PLAIN CLOTHES felt it necessary to shoot at him 5 times and strike him 4 times? Furthermore, why would an armed man, with training and experience likely exceeding the police officers' not get off a single shot? And at 4 in the morning, what clues did Mr Brown have that the two men were in deed Police officers?

No information is being released at all by the police department.

Make of it what you will, but two things are for sure. 1) This person knows the victim. And 2) NOMB sure ain't the press.

Hope we helped out by reposting it, to whatever ends it comes.


Anonymous said...

As the spouse to a military man, I was born and raised in NO, but AM NOT ALLOWED by my own husband to enter New Orleans WITHOUT my gun. As an American Citizen with no felony record, I have the right to bear arms. Does anyone know what carrying a weapon for self defense is about? Just because you carry a gun doesn't mean your up to no good - it means your gonna take care of yourself when faced with imminent danger.
As a female standing 5'2" tall and weighing 125lbs, I have had to pull my gun IN NO when 4 (FOUR) men in their early twenties ran toward me yelling obscenities (and yes, myself and the FOUR wanna bees are/were white. They were obviously up to no good running at me and stopping only when I opened my car door and turned around with my gun locked and loaded. Halted in their tracks, turned their tails and ran back to their vehicle that was parked and still running. What were they up to? We never got to find out cause I had my gun and was trained and ready to use it.
Kyle has the right to bear arms and if he is not in the act of a crime when armed, he should have to answer to no one!
God watch over Kyle and help him in his healing and I also pray that I don't know either of the two police officers.

Anonymous said...

Furthermore, Kyle Brown is a fine young man, and everyone who knows him are shocked at the news report because this is not the behavior of Kyle. He was about to become a police officer himself, yet now in ICU at the hospital where, might I add they won't allow ANYONE to see him, not even his parents, and will not give any information over the phone as to be updated on Kyle's condition. In custody or not, why is it that even a mother and father be DENIED to even get a glimpse of their son, let alone be there with him in such a critical state of health. Since the shooting, NOT ONE PERSON, FRIEND, FAMILY MEMBER, outside law enforcement and hospital officials, have been able to see Kyle. How do we know he is even being treated properly? How could we know anything of his wounds if we cannot see him. At minimum this is a gross injustice to the family, not to mention very CRUEL.

Anonymous said...

Spc Robert J Burmaster,
I am one of Kyle Brown's good friends and know him pretty well been in the same unit in the MSARNG as him for a few years now and I personally know that he would never pull a gun on a cop i am also in the middle east right now and it is sad that this happens to our veterans and then to deny his parents of seeing him even people that kill mutiple people get to see there family what has the world come to today

Anonymous said...

I dare you to print the truth.
Kyle S. Brown was drunk OUTSIDE of his car, pulled a gun on two *clearly identified* off-duty police officers after saying "I'm going to kill me some niggers." The officers shouted their identity and asked him to calm down and drop the weapon. He then pointed his gun at them and refused to lower the gun. He was convicted of Agg Assault NOT the first charge of ATTEMPTED MURDER. He was shot repeatedly because he wouldn't drop his weapon.
I've been following the case in court. Case 477-132MORAL: Don't be drunk, angry and pull a gun in NOLA. It's a recipe for tradegy.
BTW I'm white, female and previous military.