Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Champs

We know most everyone out there thinks the only slaying that occured yesterday was off Poydras St and involved some visitors from Ohio, but the truth is New Orleans, LA is going to be the site of another season championship this year.

At the pace we're on, we'll be murder champs second year in a row. Just like the paper today claimed - Tigers are first to take second BCS crown - this Algiers murder keeps our run to the top strong.

David Sisolak Jr. died about 8:20 a.m. in a rear parking area in the 1700 block of Hero Boulevard in the renovated Fischer public housing complex.
According to New Orleans police investigators, 4th District officers responded to a call of a shooting and found Sisolak inside a four-door white Chevy Impala with a gunshot wound. Police also found narcotics on the scene, between L.B. Landry Avenue and Hendee Street


Anonymous said...

What about David Sisolak's killer? Are the police doing anything to find out who it was. It's been about 6weeks and nothing!

Anonymous said...

7 weeks no one arrested, no suspects, no witnesses coming forward? We can not let the murder of another person go unresolved. Please anyone who has any information on David Sisolak's murder please come forward, call Crimestoppers 822-1111.
We miss him so much, we need justice.

Anonymous said...

There were no narcotics found at the scene, this was not a drug related murder. after investigating what the police thought was narcotics was actually my son's prescribed medication. No where was there ever a article stating that this was not a drug related murder, but it left for people to think.... DRUGS, another murder who cares? I care 7 months my family lives with his death the pain is as real today as was that Monday morning in January when our lives changed forever. We will not give up hope that there will be justice for his murderer.

Anonymous said...

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